Rushing In  - Zoo Season 3 Episode 10
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Alarm bells all over the damn place because of Sam Parker. Abraham shoots Clem full of something, but it worked.

Oh! Jamie wants to kill Abigail using Mr. Duncan. When she turns him on and off with the push of a button and then kisses him, it nauseates me.

Of course, Abigail can't be killed because she's needed for the fertility problem. Even Abe wants to kill her.

If there's one thing we learned about this gang, having "a" vial of spinal fluid is a risky prospect.

Jackson is begging to save Abigail. Jamie is stating her case for killing Abigail.

Logan and his gang of suited people are in the garage giving me tryophobia.

Battlestar Galactica is recruiting Dariela to the IADG. Surely, joining would be the final nail in the coffin with Abraham.

But no, Abe wants her to become a soldier again.

Abigail helped raise Sam since he was 10. It's going to be hard to change his mind.

I guess since the world is ending, tucking in the kid and saying goodbye is good enough for Isaac. Guards are on the house 24/7. Dariela is at IADG running ground force operations reporting directly to BSG.

When Jackson decides to go to Seoul to get more spinal fluid from the nest, by the time the conversation is over, he's standing next to Logan, which is interesting, because Jamie had just asked why the plane was accelerating

Duncan sets it up so Abe injects a lethal dose of epinephrine into Abigail. Jamie doesn't like that. But, it's done.

When Dariela died, the beacons were activated. Way to go, Jamie.

All hell is breaking loose around the world, but so far, they only know about what's going on in Seoul.

Dariela wants Abe to shut off the thing in Abigail's neck, but once a beacon is beaconized, it's too damn late.

Jamie is looking at Duncan, who is threatening Mitch's life with a knife to his throat. He wants in the safe.

The transmitter is ripped out of Abigail's neck, but it won't stop transmitting. It's like an Eveready battery.

For some odd reason, the beacons are activating one by one and about 15 minutes apart.

The disappearing snake hatched and got loose on the plane. It ate Mitch's switch thing, so Jamie tried to act badass, killing the snake and jamming her fist into the snake and pulls it out.

When Duncan says he's left the gang a treat, Max crushes the gizmo. Asshole.

Abe wants to join the IADG. Dariela promises to make room.

Abigail wakes up and stabs Abe, at the rate he's bleeding out, he shouldn't live.

She wanders around, shoots Jamie and Max, and when Jackson returns just in time to see Abigail on her feet, she shoots him, too. Abigail then walks out the back of the plane.

Clem is out of the tank and ready to give birth.

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Duncan: I told you, I'm programmed to serve one person and one person only. You think you thought this through, but you have no idea what you did.
Jamie: What are you talking about?
Duncan: By killing Abigail, you just ended the world.

Jackson: Dariela said the nest contains every kind of hybrid, right?
Abraham: What are you thinking?
Jackson: Use the fluid to save Abigail. We'll get more. We're going to Seoul.