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Ninety-six people died as a result of the "IADG" bomber who killed the hybrid Jackson and Tessa discovered. Something is up for sure.

Logan is working to identify a hard drive that exploded elsewhere, but when he sees a photo of it, he knows where it's from.

We're seeing simultaneous images of the two Clementines. "Our" Clementine is showing Jamie a photo of her dad in the tank at the same time the other Clementine is showing Mitch the same photo. The IADG is warning of a storm, wanting to know if she asked him yet.

When Clementine puts her hand onto his leg, warning movie plays as if we're to note something strange about her hand.

At the same time, Jackson gets a note. Tessa sees it, wondering what Jackson Oz has to do with all of this. Uh oh. She thinks he's paranoid. But you're not paranoid when you're really in trouble.

Jackson isn't Dylan Green, as he's pretending to be. There is even a faux Jackson Oz in the paper accompanying the latest article. 

LeAnne is working with a man named Cal, neither of whom I know, working on a protein structure I have never heard of, in the attempt to create viable life again. They are going to do it with the help of Abraham.

Abraham and Dariela are chatting and hear a noise...

Jackson and Tessa are searching the IADG woman's truck. It's a setup. At the same time, Logan spots Jackson in a photo from Oregon. He's on his way.

Dariela and Abraham are putting Isaac into a safe room while they arm themselves. Why weren't they warned about the hybrids? Their dog barks while a hybrid outside proves it will not be a match. 

The tissue sample Abe grew into a fetus. The razorbacks outside have come to help because the fetus? It called for it.

Mitch and not-Clem continue talking. She tells him the IADG wants to know about Blue Diaspora. I'm pretty sure he knows Clementine isn't his daughter.

Everything about the parking ticket is surely going to mean something, right? 

Logan arrives at wherever Jackson is, calling him Dylan.

Mitch says he's back to his old self, and his humor definitely agrees with his assessment.

But Clementine then tells Mitch not to take whatever the men give him because they're not good people and they're not with the IADG. They're shepherds.

The gal I thought was our Clem is now inching her way around the plane where she finds a dude in a cage. Greg Mansdale, a Shepherd, is held there for information by Jamie. She cattle prods him more info.

Guess where LeAnne works. Reiden Global!! Oy.

Logan and Mitch antagonize each other for a bit. 

The plane has finally landed in Siberia.

The Clementines are about to come to a meeting to a minds, and I cannot wait!!

The Razorback is in the living room looking for the egg. Once it knocks Abe onto the ground and plucks the egg out of his hands, the hybrid walks slowly out of the house.

The bomber calls and threatens Jackson. He says she has no idea who she's up against, and he's right. 

When our Clementine arrives, she calls Mitch dad. She tries to reach into her pocket to prove she's Mitch's daughter and Mitch shoots her. Inside her pocket? The parking ticket he was rambling about earlier. 

Jamie arrives, shoots the shit out of not-Clem and suggests they get out of there. I sure as hell hope they're taking Clem!

Jackson has a sister named Abigail Westbrook. What??

Everyone is happy and safe. Except Jamie is going to find out why the world kept Mitch from her, from the world, and make them pay.

Some military come to the house with the video. While Abe and Dariela are watching the video, one of the two soldiers slips away, never a good sign, and Duchovny says their child has been chosen to participate in the sterility program. WTF?

Clementine meanwhile, is pregnant. 

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Tessa: You, Dylan Green, are a wonderful, caring, compassionate man. You have saved hundred if not thousands of lives out here, and that's enough. Do you believe me?
Jackson: Yeah.
Tessa: You're a terrible liar, Dylan.

I get why you want to track down Jackson Oz. He and his father are the crazy bastards who started this all. But YOU can't solve all the world's problems. The Shepherd hunters will find Oz. They'll make him pay.