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The first hybrid attack on the East Coast. Yahoo!!

Hybrids are following the jet. That means they're following the signal.

Mitch gingerly wishes his friends good luck with their suicide mission as he goes off to help Jamie in jail and discover where Clem might be hiding.

Shepherd is out of his cage on the plane and stowing away in the back seat of a badass car. Something tells me they're going to...yep, they're going to drop the awesome care into the volcano.

Jamie says she needs Mansdale. I assume that's Shepherd in the plane.

WAS Shepherd in the plane. He escaped. And went pretty far. Hahahaha.

Abe only now tells Jackson Isaac is still in Reiden's custody. Jackson takes the moment to tell them Abigail is his sister.

Then they find an SOS signal on the mountain. Who the hell??

Abe's glad he didn't do the trade for Isaac. Dariela's face says she didn't stick with that plan.

Her "abort" message doesn't mean anything. Some chick opens a switchblade before a bound Clem.

They hook Clem up to a car battery. Not to her foot or something, but her uterus. Because of course. When she squeals on herself, the switchblade girls say they're going to call the gentlemen.

Jamie wants a lawyer, calls herself, appoints Mitch co-counsel, then tells Logan she has the right to do that because she suffers from PTSD. Mitch asks for a new name badge.

Down in the Yucatan, it's dirty.

The SOS comes from Tessa. How the hell she got there? Who knows. It's not such a big world after all.

Tess admits to Jackson she not only understands why he was running, but was doing it herself. She wanted to be a mother more than anything but Dr. Oz took that away. At 19, Jackson had a wife and child. On a road trip they stopped at a convenience store and he lost his wife and child of six months.

He's sure that if they can stop Abigail they can reverse the TX gas.

Isaac sends his parents a message through Reiden. The big dude says all the kids will be sent home next week. For some reason, Isaac says they get candy for breakfast, which has to be code because I can't think of a more unsettling thing to tell his parents.

Jackson and Tessa get to the witch's house and discover Abigail's symbol and an old lady.

Logan taunts Mitch about his relationship with Jamie.

Jackson masquerades as Mr. Duncan so he can see Abendagos. Neither he nor Tssa has any freaking idea what that is, but when they do into a dark camper, they find out right quick. It's a monkey thing.

Abigail is stomping bloodied around the forest. Abendagos is screaming Jackson. Which is flippin wild. Jackson takes out his lion clicker as a shiny thing to get the attention of monkey man. It doesn't work.

Abe and Dariela suss out the pregnancy.

Logan tells Mitch he left Jamie and it surprises the hell out of Mitch.

When they need to warm up dead LeAnn's finger, Mitch just suck's on it. Hahahaha

Mitch recognizes a blue eye on the dead woman. Who's gonna wear it? Logan. Reiden acquired 100% of some company's product stock. Melvatox. It has a migraine drug.

Abe and Dariela are over and done when he realizes what she did to Clem.

The breakfast candy is Melvatox. Why? Who knows. Cognitave something or other.

Dariela calls Mitch and tells him about Clem. She lies, but he runs.

The lions come to Jackson's aid and he puts his hands up and screams no. Abigail is also being attended by some razorbacks. She tells them home, and they begin to drag her.

Tessa wonders if what Jackson was doing was because he smashed his clicker. He doesn't think so, but doesn't know what else it is, either.

When Dariela tells Abe she thinks they should divorce. He gasps, but tells her of his discovery.

Clem is seeing her baby for the first time. Some dorky dude wants to tell the gentlemen that bidding will begin at $80 million.

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How are you guys used to these things? I feel like I got a chick pea in my ear.