The Origins of Hybrids - Zoo
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Abigail is being dragged by the razorbacks, blathering that he chose Jackson.

The bidding is on for an oblivious Clementine.

Mitch is kicking ass on his way to rescue Clem while Jackson lets the lions do his asskicking for him, no clicker necessary.

Tessa has more questions than Jackson has answers.

Abigail is on her way to the stasis tank, recalling her past. She was working on Blue Diaspora out in the open. It was her father's work.

Dude tells Abigail to look at the camera. She recognizes her useless safari brother standing next to her newly arrived father.

Back at the camper, plane, the group has the entire camper on board with the manbrid inside.

Mitch determines Clem's pregnancy must be due to the Graves disease and how she was cured.

Abe is babbling along the same lines.

Jamie acts cool.

Jackson reveals to Tessa he believes the gas activated something in him that allows him to do some pretty cool shit.

He also thinks since the Oz bloodline is obviously tainted, she should skedaddle as soon as they land.

Abigail killed Leanne.

Oh, my. Blue Diaspora is a monkey with Abigail's DNA. It's sickening. He's so special she keeps him in a cage and feeds him with a water bottle hanging on the side of the cage. What a sick fuck.

Poor Clem wants her kid to have a regular life. There are no kids at Reiden.

Abigail is pissed because her dad lied to her and sent her off on a trip to ready Blue Diaspora that was never going to happen. Instead, he sacrificed himself for Jackson.

When Mitch sees Dariela, he tries very hard not to strangle her. Clementine understands why Dariela did it now that she's the only expectant mother on the planet.

Hugs all around.

Since there is so much mystery surrounding Charles Duncan, he better live up to his reveal.

Genetic markers show a close relationship between all the hybrids. Abigail created them all with her DNA?

A couple of goons went to keep Abigail where she was and she watched him die. How she had a direct video feed to the jet? No fucking idea.

That's why she said he chose Jackson.

It was Abigail who stole Mitch. And now Mitch who has Abendegos. Or, Mr. Duncan.


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Zoo Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

So you're pregnant, huh? That's cool.


Jackson. He chose Jackson.