10 Reasons Rachel Lindsay Will Be A Great Bachelorette

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ABC recently announced that Rachel Lindsay, who is currently a contestant on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, is going to be the new Bachelorette.

Ignoring the fact that ABC decided to spoil Rachel’s fate on The Bachelor, everyone should be excited by the network’s choice for a number of reasons.

Seriously, Rachel is so great that Nick might even regret letting her go and break the Bachelor franchise's record (set by him) and be on the show for a fifth time.

The countdown to the new season of The Bachelorette is officially on — it premieres May 22nd on ABC — and here’s why Rachel is going to be a great leading lady. 

1. She’s Up For Anything

She’s Up For Anything
Throughout her run on this season of The Bachelor, Rachel has participated in a variety of dates with a smile on her face. From running track and field to dancing on the streets of NOLA, she was always excited to try whatever Nick (and the producers) threw at her.

2. She’s Here For The Right Reasons

She’s Here For The Right Reasons
Rachel has made it very clear on the show and in her interviews that she is ready to find a husband. Plus, older Bachelor contestants (Rachel is 31) tend to take the process more seriously and have more success finding long-lasting love.

3. She Speaks Her Mind

She Speaks Her Mind
Rachel was not afraid to confront Nick after the disastrous volleyball date and tell him she wasn't interested in playing volleyball in her bikini for attention. Instead of crying on the beach (a la Vanessa) or taking a bunch of shots (a la Corinne), she went right to the source, so she'll have no problem handling 30 men competing for her.

4. She’s Fun

She’s Fun
Anyone who can make vacuuming look like a good time is someone I would want to hang out with and root for to find love.

5. She’s Smart

She’s Smart
Before Rachel was on our TV screen, she was working as an attorney in Dallas. She obviously very smart, and we can trust her to make good decisions. Plus, the last time we had a Bachelorette who was a lawyer (Andi Dorfman) she did not disappoint. Sure we didn’t get a happily ever after, but we did get a tell-all book and an entertaining season.

6. She’s Relatable

She’s Relatable
Watching Rachel eat beignets and not care about the cameras, which is supposedly why contestants never eats on dates, is proof that (sometimes) stars are just like us.

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