12 of the Worst Plot Twists of 2018

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We're all sitting there on our nice comfy couches, watching our favorite shows when all of a sudden, the plot takes a horrible turn.

Not only does it take the show in a direction we weren't expecting, but it also takes us to a place that really doesn't make a whole lot of sense at all.

Sometimes the plot twist involves something out of character or doesn't fit the show, or sometimes it's just plain dumb.

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We're left shaking our heads, and sometimes our remotes, wondering what in the world the writers were thinking, adding this into our beloved shows.

Can the show recover? It depends.

Without further ado, here are the worst plot twists this TV Fanatic staff could think of for 2018.

Did we include the ones you had in mind? Hit the comments and commiserate with us.

1. Rick Survives - The Walking Dead

Rick Survives - The Walking Dead
Despite impossible odds and impeccable timing by a well-placed helicopter and ex-trash lady, Rick Grimes survives an explosion that should've blown him to smithereens. All the hype about the last Rick episode led people to believe he would die, but he didn't. Not that we wanted Rick to die, but his survival was a bit too convenient for The Walking Dead.

2. Amanda's Pregnancy - Law & Order: SVU

Amanda's Pregnancy - Law & Order: SVU
Nobody said Amanda Rollins has a good track record with men, but SVU has been hinting on and off about a possible relationship between her and Carissi. When Amanda wound up pregnant for the second time, everyone was thinking it might be his baby. Maybe they'd gotten together without any of us knowing? But, no, some random doctor dude fathered Amanda's baby. What? Even more, she's trying to make a life with this guy. Awful twist.

3. So, Nicky's Alive? - This Is Us

So, Nicky's Alive? - This Is Us
Sure it was shocking, but it's also pretty silly. Are we really supposed to believe no one ever Googled him, especially Kevin before flying to Vietnam? No one ever went to DC and looked for his name on the memorial? Highly unlikely. Jack and Randall even took a trip there to visit Howard. It's just hard to believe.

4. Riggs Replaced - Lethal Weapon

Riggs Replaced - Lethal Weapon
We all know about the controversy with Clayne Crawford on Lethal Weapon, but killing Riggs off and pairing Murtaugh up with a guy we don't even get a proper into to, felt like whiplash. No fanfare, no easing into it, just shove-'em-in-your-face, here's your new guy; he can tell jokes, so he's #relatable. Love him. We didn't even get to grieve, and it changed the trajectory of the entire plot current of the show forever.

5. Ash Tyler is Voq - Star Trek: Discovery

Ash Tyler is Voq - Star Trek: Discovery
In the STUPIDEST sleeper agent plot twist, human-looking Lt. Tyler turns out to be a physically modified, mentally reprogrammed, Klingon spy. Somehow, Star Fleet cleared him for active duty despite his MONTHS as a prisoner of war and somehow missed that he'd had half his Klingon organs removed, his skeleton completely reshaped, and, oh yeah, that the remaining organs WERE. STILL. KLINGON. Also, the interwebz predicted this plot twist MONTHS in advance of the reveal, and it was only surprising because no one in their right mind would give it any credence.

6. Teddy's Bombshell - Grey's Anatomy

Teddy's Bombshell - Grey's Anatomy
It would've been fine if Owen and Teddy stayed together this time. They could've lived happily ever after for all we care, but to have Teddy carrying his baby when he's finally happy with his little make-shift family was horrible. Owen's never been lucky in the love department, and his and Teddy's one weekend ending in a pregnancy JUST to complicate things was a plot twist we didn't need.

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