13 Best Shows in Showtime History

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When you have the entirety of a network's catalog to go through, sometimes it's difficult to determine which shows should go on a best of list.

That can certainly be said for this one. 

If you want to know why these shows make the list, it's because of their unique content, their contribution to pop culture and the fearless way in which their stories were delivered.

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1. Dexter

Dexter wasn't just a series, it was a driving force. Dexter has become a part of our lexicon. We know what to expect if someone is a Dexter. A normal guy on the outside, hiding the most horrific of demons on the inside. The serial killer who only killed other killers was one we could support.

2. Homeland

Carrie Mathison and Saul Berenson have been through hell and back trying to keep our country safe since the horrors of 9/11. It all started with one man, a POW, who came back changed. We've been unable to look away ever since.

3. Shameless

Speaking of unable to look away, is there any other way to describe why we continue to watch the antics of the antics of the Gallagher family? As Frank Gallagher does the best he can as an lost alcoholic to make things impossible for his family, they continually fight back and prove he won't drag them down.

4. Weeds

When Nancy Botwin's husband died leaving her with no way to support herself, she did what anyone else would do – she got a job. Except her job was selling pot, which turned into an empire. Weeds was best when navigating her double life in suburbia before she got involved with Mexican cartels and such.

5. The Affair

The Affair
It's not as if affairs are ever simple, but they seem a lot more so when murder isn't involved. Especially when the entirety of one evening doesn't seem to be leaning on the shoulders of one man, the dead brother of his girlfriend's ex and a very, very small suspect pool.

6. Californication

Hank Moody was madly in love with his ex-wife, but not enough to get it right no matter how many times he tried. His proclivities as a writer (drinking, smoking, drugs and sex, a lot of sex) always sent him down the wrong path. But then he'd stumble back on the path that leads to his lady love. Again. Seeing David Duchovny party too much and have a lot of sex only got old when we wanted him to be happy.

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