13 Characters Who Deserved A Better End Than They Got

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Writing a character is no easy thing to do, much less one people can actually connect with. Most shows are crafted with multiple seasons in mind and during that run, some characters can become superfluous and get written out.

Other times, external circumstances play a pivotal role in the decision-making process of whether a characters gets to stay on or is kicked off a show.

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Regardless of the reasons for a character's exit, we couldn't help but notice a few instances where the punishment did not match the crime -- if they committed any. As a result, we have picked out 13 cases that stood out to us, but feel free to mention which ones you think we missed that deserved to be on the list.

So, settle in and let's count down the names of these unlucky folks who undeservedly drew the short end of the stick when it was time to make their exit.

1. Donna Gable (Kevin Can Wait)

Donna Gable (Kevin Can Wait)
No one expected the show to be an artistic masterpiece, but we didn't think it was going to show a total disregard for its audience either. But that was what happened when the matriarch on a family sitcom was killed between seasons with barely any acknowledgment afterward.

2. Wade Welles (Sliders)

Wade Welles (Sliders)
She was around from the beginning, but for some reason, they thought the best way to bring her story to an end was to have her enslaved and thrown in a breeder camp in an alternate earth for eighteen months after which her brain was hooked up to a mainframe and used to run simulations. In the end, she couldn't escape, and she died in that dire state. I mean, she was a communist and all, but that's just cruel.

3. Frank Underwood (House Of Cards)

Frank Underwood (House Of Cards)
The circumstances surrounding the dismissal of Kevin Spacey by Netflix were most unpleasant, but that doesn't mean the character he plays deserved to be killed offscreen.

4. Tara Thornton (True Blood)

Tara Thornton (True Blood)
An abusive childhood, an abysmal love life, and living under an assumed identity apparently wasn't misery enough to bestow upon Tara as she was later turned into a vampire -- the species she despised most -- her life then ended abruptly at the hands of a Hep-V infected vampire.

5. Nikki and Paulo (Lost)

Nikki and Paulo (Lost)
These two came about as a result of an attempt to appease fans who were calling for more side characters to be seen every now and then. Suffice it to say the experiment did not work out as well as everyone hoped. Nikki and Paulo -- being total trashbags notwithstanding -- bore the brunt of the attempt at course correction. They were injected with a strong paralytic courtesy of some island spiders that made them look as good as dead to the others. The other survivors buried them alive, and that was the end of that.

6. Roseanne Conner (Roseanne)

Roseanne Conner (Roseanne)
Another character that suffered from the catastrophic missteps of its portrayer. Roseanne, the name of the creator and lead character of said sitcom, was killed offscreen as a result of a lethal drug overdose. From another perspective, some considered the departure fitting, but a character as big as she was deserved so much more.

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