13 Times A Million Things Made You Weep

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A Million Little Things is a charming and dramatic TV show that hits close to home with every episode. The show's one-liners are incredible and certainly dig deep.

Whether due to its beautifully selected soundtrack to enhance each scene's emotional effect or rather its coverage of important topics reaching far and wide, there's always room for the stories to feel somehow relatable, and relatability seems to be the culprit of most sob seshes.

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Or perhaps I'm just a highly emotional viewer. Who's to say? Either way, here is a compilation of the strongest scenes. You choose whether they're "a sad" strong or "a happy" strong. Don't forget to leave your thoughts down below! 

A Million Little Things gets 10/10 sobs (or originally known as "snaps").

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1. Eddie's Eulogy

Eddie's Eulogy
From the immediate beginning, the show has commanded our respect. Eddie's eulogy had us laughing and crying right alongside the attendees, and watching him choke out his final and powerful line, "John, you say everything happens for a reason. I can't find a reason for this" had us all done for.

2. Father-Daughter Dance

Father-Daughter Dance
Like most of the emotional moments resulting from this show, it was hard differentiating whether the cause was heartwarming or saddening. Seeing Rome and Eddie step in for John was some "bro-code" magic. Magic that brought the welling of tears to eyes, while Sophie's sudden revelation that her father hadn't forgotten her was the last and final straw to break the tearful barrier.

3. Gary's Scars

Gary's Scars
Gary's storyline with breast cancer is humbling and watching his vulnerability is simply moving. The circumstances under which he reveals his scars to Maggie shows how much he cares for her and trusts her. It brings their relationship to a completely new level. I love the exchange between them about how she assumes he is going to say something about how she's different, but he stops her and says he's different.

4. Regina's Past

Regina's Past
Regina's anger with her uncle and consequently her mother for brushing off the horrendous occurrence is an intense storyline. Although, one that ended in a beautiful way. Despite Regina's mother experiencing the same molestation Regina endured, it provided a stronger foundation for their relationship. Watching Regina confront her mom and witnessing their emotional hug was enough, words weren't necessary for an answer.

5. Eddie and Katherine's Divorce

Eddie and Katherine's Divorce
The show does a nice job of portraying the toll a divorce takes on children. Theo's breakdown and attitude with Katherine about her "poor performance" on his field trip to the aquarium shows how incredible a mother she is. She teaches him that parents can't always be perfect. Theo's such a respectful and mature child for his age, and his remorseful apology to Katherine is too pure. His slow-falling tears made for a perfectly emotional scene.

6. I'm Still Standing

I'm Still Standing
They're still standing better than they ever did. Gary and Maggie's playful relationship is so truthful to their personalities and their performance only compliments that. The song choice couldn't have been more perfect for their situation. The sweet embrace they ended their song with held so much conviction and love. During this scene, it's easily foreseeable that they have a happy ending. Happy tears were certainly shed.

7. Patricia Bloom Praying

Patricia Bloom Praying
During Maggie's surgery, Patricia and Gary spend quality time in the hospital's chapel. Seeing Patricia pray hard for the success of Maggie's surgery and telling God she doesn't want to lose another child was hard to watch. Losing one child is unbelievable, but losing two is unimaginable.

8. Gary's Proposal

Gary's Proposal
Immediately after Maggie wakes up from her surgery Gary is by her side. He professes his love for her and that he would rather live and enjoy the rest of the time they have together -- spent together. He asks her to move in with him, and at first, she's speechless but after his eloquent speech, she reciprocates his original post-it note message with her own telling him "I'm in."

9. Rome's Depression

Rome's Depression
Rome's entire struggle with depression needs no specific moment. The message the show provides that mental health is important and that depression is more common than assumed is highly welcomed. Suicide is a taboo subject, and it's impressive how fully the show explores the nuances of its causes. Especially with Rome being an adult male who's in a loving and committed marriage, with no obvious signs of hardships, it shows that anyone can be affected.

10. "Just Love Each Other"

"Just Love Each Other"
Jon's final words left in a voicemail for Eddie with the simple words, "love each other," are entirely unexpected. He has to have been the most evolved human. How can someone be so calm and forgiving about the worst possible situation? Though the scene is sandwiched between the father-daughter dance and doesn't offer much of a sad song lament, it's still one for the books.

11. Gary's Breakdown

Gary's Breakdown
Sob scale- 8/10. In this highly emotional scene, Gary finally breaks down and word vomits every pent up emotion since Jon's death. Gary's anger comes from a place of true pain, and his strongly worded message to Jon is powerful, saying that Jon supported him throughout his battle with cancer convincing him to live and then left him.

12. Rome's Confession

Rome's Confession
When Regina finds Rome's suicide note she's devastated, rightfully so. The sobful realization that they aren't simply a part of each other's lives, but are each other's entire lives pulls at so many heartstrings. Their relationship is beautiful and acts as a perfect framework for 'in sickness and in health.'

13. Pizza Night Stories

Pizza Night Stories
The first pizza night after Jon's death is one for creating happier memories and celebrating his life rather than mourning his death. The moment Lenny shows confusion about Jon's tardiness is almost too real. Instead of letting Sophie correct her father's grave mistake, Delilah simply asks him to tell the story of how she and Jon met, for old time sake.

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Theo: I'd like to make a toast. The Egyptians believed that you die twice. Once when you take your final breath, and then again the last time someone says your name. They believe your spirit lives on as long as people kept remembering you. So as long as we all keep remembering uncle Jon, he'll never really be gone. Was that okay?
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