13 TV Couples That Get Away With Murder (And Other Crimes)

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When you're in a relationship with a criminal, what comes first -- the falling in love part or the committing a crime together part? It depends on the couple. Many couples fell in love with their partner once they discovered a mutual passion for destruction, heists, violence, and world domination.  

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Then there are those who don't find out they're in love with a criminal until years after the fact. When they do find out about their loved one's illicit activities a choice has to be made, end the relationship or join the criminal enterprise. Those who stay often find out they're a natural at being criminal too. 

The beginning may vary, but the ending tends to be the same. The rare few get to retire with all their riches or go legit. Most end with one or both dead or imprisoned. The love between criminals may not last for very long, but their romances certainly burn bright.         



1. Kate & Neal - White Collar

Kate & Neal - White Collar
Neal met Kate under the alias Nick Halden when he was running a con on her boss, Vincent Adler. It turns out Adler was running a Ponzi scheme, which left Neal, Kate and countless others destitute. At this point Neal and Kate were already in a relationship, so he told her the truth himself, and she became his partner in crime.

2. Drusilla & Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Drusilla & Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Drusilla and Spike had been a couple long before coming to Sunnydale. Upon their arrival, the couple quickly set about kidnapping, torturing, and murdering humans and vampires alike in pursuit of their goals of accessing the Hellmouth and killing Buffy.

3. Omar & Brandon - The Wire

Omar & Brandon - The Wire
In season one, Omar and Brandon were in a happy relationship and robbed drugged dealers together. Unfortunately, their relationship met a tragic end after Brandon got murdered.

4. Cersei & Jaime - Game of Thrones

Cersei & Jaime - Game of Thrones
Before the end credits rolled on the first episode of Game of Thrones, we witnessed Cersei and Jaime committing treason and then tried to cover it up with the attempted murder of a child. Since then Cersei and Jaime have murdered, usurped, and warred their way into keeping the Iron Throne for themselves.

5. Skyler & Walter White - Breaking Bad

Skyler & Walter White - Breaking Bad
Skyler and Walt married long before he cooked meth. When Skyler found about Walt's criminal activities she wanted nothing to do with them and demanded a divorce, but she found herself getting sucked into the drug trade and becoming Walt's money launderer.

6. Overgirl & Dark Arrow - Arrowverse

Overgirl & Dark Arrow - Arrowverse
It's hard to say what horrified Kara more -- finding out her Earth-X counterpart was a Nazi dictator or discovering said counterpart was married to Oliver's Earth-X counterpart.

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