15 Characters Who are Born Fixers

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Have you ever wondered how people like Olivia Pope or Ray Donovan might have gotten into their respective positions? We think we've figured it out.

Some people are always cleaning up someone else's mess, whether it's a dirty kitchen or a dead body. It's just who they are.

Monica Geller, for instance, is always cleaning up after her friends. Does she complain? Well, only when it's Rachel because that's her roommate and she expects more from her.

Characters like Winn Schott from Supergirl are tasked with saving the day to help friends' escape certain death.

But not all of these characters are cleaning up other people's messes. There are also those who create their own messes because their lives are so bizarre and, frankly, awful at times, it is the only way to regain any control.

So, go ahead and take a look at the 15 characters we've chosen that are just always cleaning or, ahem, fixing things.

1. Ann Perkins from Parks and Recreation

Ann Perkins from Parks and Recreation
Remember when Ann helped Leslie clean out her house after discovering she was a hoarder? Well, as good of a friend we know she is, there were definitely some ulterior motives there... After all, Ann, a nurse, is one of the cleanest people ever, her best friend's house can't be a disaster zone.

2. Monica Geller from Friends

Monica Geller from Friends
Well, we all knew Monica just had to be on this list. Ever part of her goes overboard, but when it comes to cleaning, no one can compete. There's no cleaner, safer, germ-free place than wherever Monica Geller is living.

3. Barry Allen from The Flash

Barry Allen from The Flash
Luckily for him, Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, which means deep cleaning takes him about one second. Meanwhile, the rest of us are spending six hours just trying to clean our bedrooms. With great speed comes higher expectations for your cleaning abilities, so Barry and Iris' apartment better be sparkling with cleanliness.

4. Lynn Pierce from Black Lightning

Lynn Pierce from Black Lightning
Lynn likes to keep her life neat and tidy, but her ex-husband being Black Lightning has always thrown her plans for a nice, normal life. So, in order to get control, you know Lynn keeps everything clean and placed exactly where she wants. If she can't control Jefferson, she has to at least be able to control what the rest of her life looks like.

5. Trish Walker from Marvel's Jessica Jones

Trish Walker from Marvel's Jessica Jones
With Jessica Jones as a best friend breaking windows every other day by throwing some dirtbag out of her apartment, you know Trish has to be the one cleaning to try to maintain an inkling of her best friend's wellbeing. Pair that with her need to control everything in her life, and now you can see why her apartment is so guarded and put together, right?

6. Sam Winchester from Supernatural

Sam Winchester from Supernatural
Dean and Sam pretty much always clean up each other's messes, but Dean usually only sticks to the supernatural messes. Anything else, Sam is usually the one cleaning their motel rooms, helping his brother with anything, and trying to keep a little bit of his life as normal as he can since that's all he's ever wanted.

7. Emma Shuester from Glee

Emma Shuester from Glee
From the getgo, Emma was always adamant about cleaning. Yes, it's her OCD which compulsively drives her to keep everything as spotless as possible, but nonetheless, she loves when everything is clean and working exactly as it should be. Every time Emma cleans, she goes overboard.

8. Frank Delfino from How to Get Away with Murder

Frank Delfino from How to Get Away with Murder
Besides, you know, keeping himself clean, Frank is responsible for a lot of killing and has to tirelessly clean up the areas he's been in, and, also, he's pretty much always cleaning up after one of the Keating Four. He knows how to get away with murder, so Frank knows how to clean to keep yourself and your life free from any kinds of messes.

9. Felicity Smoak from Arrow

Felicity Smoak from Arrow
With a husband like Oliver Queen, Felicity must always be cleaning up messes. Pair that with a ten-year-old step child, and, aside from Raisa, I'm sure Felicity is the only one who's ever picking up because she wants to keep her life together as best she can. Ever since she got roped into the Green Arrow mission, Felicity hasn't been able to keep her friends safe, so it's all about controlling what you can.

10. Ray Palmer from Legends of Tomorrow

Ray Palmer from Legends of Tomorrow
Ray seems to be the one to clean up everyone's messes on Legends of Tomorrow. Whether on the ship, which he's basically been designated to keep clean because we never see him out in the field, or during the rare instances where he's allowed to go fight because everyone else screwed up and his suit is too expensive to use outside of rare occasions, Ray Palmer is never done cleaning up after his team.

11. Brandon Foster from The Fosters

Brandon Foster from The Fosters
With his girlfriend's health condition, Brandon is pretty much trying to take control of his life wherever he can. While he can't with her, he can by cleaning up his life (figuratively and literally), and making sure there's a nice, safe place to go when it all seems a bit too much.

12. Clarke Griffin from The 100

Clarke Griffin from The 100
After being left on Earth by her family and friends, and presumed dead, Clarke has a lot to clean up in her life. Her relationships are non-existent, broken, and she needs to clean up her space to get rid of radiation, but also clean up her life a bit, too.

13. Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds

Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds
Isn't Garcia always cleaning up after the BAU? She's the reason they're able to do their jobs, she basically runs the office, and she never quite collects the credit she deserves, so it's more than possible that Garcia goes above and beyond to try and clean up everyone's messes at home and on the team.

14. Grace Hanson from Grace and Frankie

Grace Hanson from Grace and Frankie
I mean... this one is a given. When you're living with Frankie, everything has a habit of getting dirty, broken, or it just really smells like weed and patchouli oil, and we know Grace isn't about to live like that. When she cleans, she gives it all she's got, and she's pretty used to cleaning with how her life has gone over the last few years now.

15. Winn Schott from Supergirl

Winn Schott from Supergirl
Winn is the handy tech boy, like Cisco Ramon, who is tasked with saving the day because he can create some insane invention out of thin air, so his friends really owe him a lot for how much he's helped clean up their messes out in the field. Despite that, what else is Winn going to do at the DEO?

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