15 TV Villains with Plenty of 'Tude

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Whether they're trying to rule the world or just trying to ruin your day, villains are everywhere!

Some of them have more panache than others with their acid tongues and inflated egos.

Smack them down all you like, they just come back with more.

Like these villains below! 

1. Damian Dahrk - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Whether he was trying to rule the world on Arrow or just trying to assert his dominance with the Legion of Doom, Darhk's ego knew no bounds. His mouth was a rolling river of sarcastic quips that made everyone around him crazy. To call him a megalomaniac would be the understatement of the year.

2. Lucifer - Supernatural

Lucifer has wreaked all sort of havoc on Sam and Dean's world, but he's still a lot of fun to watch. Whether he's taunting Sam or dancing the night way in the cage, this devil has endlessly entertained us with his own brand of charm and wit.

3. Negan - The Walking Dead

Anyone who would give a name their kill bat already has a problem, but we already figured that out. He's another one with an ego the size of Mount Everest and a mouth to match. What villain school do these guys go to, anyway?

4. Valentine - Shadowhunters

Like all villains, Valentine's ego got the best of him and caused him to become a very bad guy. He was cocky in his youth and even cockier in his adult life. Even when Shadowhunters tried to make him a nice guy on "This World Inverted" his cocky attitude still came through. Maybe it's just that constant glint in his eye that tells us something's not quite right.

5. Technical Boy - American Gods

Ahhh, youth. This new god is ready to kick the old to the curb because he thinks he can. It's an ego thing. What he doesn't realize is that youth doesn't last forever. What is new today becomes old tomorrow, and he's just one step away from sitting on the curb with those he just kicked over.

6. Malcolm Merlyn - Arrow

There's nothing redeeming about Malcolm Merlyn not even when it comes to his kids. He was a bad guy before he was a bad guy. In all of his evil incarnations, he had no problems letting us know how great he was. With his smarmy smile and even smarmier attitude, it's no wonder we love to hate this guy so much.

7. Fish Mooney - Gotham

Fish almost had as many lives as a cat, but through every incarnation, she never lost her ability to put someone in their place with a simple twitch of the finger. Her "tsk tsk" is as legendary as her vile tongue.

8. Chuck Clayton - Riverdale

Cocky and smarmy are his middle names. His overly inflated ego just gets bigger every day. He thinks he owns the world and everyone in it. At least until his dad popped his bubble and sent him on his way. But even then, his ego didn't entirely deflate. Villains like him never truly go away!

9. Hades - Once Upon a Time

The God of the Underworld is everything you'd think he'd be and more. He's mean, he's evil and he has an amplified ego. He knows he's a god, and he's not afraid to let everyone know it. Get in his way and he'll set his wrath on you!

10. Man in Black - Westworld

He's not the evil overlord of Westworld, but he's an extremely unpleasant guy who takes too much pleasure in doing bad things like taunting the hosts. He's another smarmy character with an ego we love to hate. And who doesn't want to smack that smirk right off his face?

11. Captain Cold - The Flash

Good guy or bad guy, his snark hasn't changed. Even while wreaking havoc on whoever got in his way, Captain Cold delivered each sarcastic remark with the utmost eloquence. Friend or foe, no one was immune.

12. The Salesman - The Exorcist

All demons have attitude problems, but The Salesman has the biggest attitude problem of all time. He taunted everyone he came into contact with whether it was in his own form or someone else's. And when he finally took over Angela again after his long quest, he became the ultimate mouthpiece for snarky demons.

13. Lillian Luthor - Supergirl

There's a supposed alien problem and Lillian Luthor wants to solve it - in the worst way possible. Anyone who thinks they're better than a whole group of beings has some serious ego problems. She may not be the snarkiest villain on this list, but she's right up there when it comes to seriously bad attitudes!

14. Jim Halpert - The Office

He's not trying to rule the world, but he's still an egomaniacal jerk. He's also incessantly mean, thinks he's better than everyone else and thinks he's above his job. Sure he's not wearing typical villain gear, but he might as well be. Maybe he just went to the wrong villain school!

15. Ramsay Bolton - Game of Thrones

Everything about him made us cringe. A rapist, murderer and sadist, he belonged in the deepest depths of hell. Yet, the devil himself celebrated this guy because of his constant smarminess and acid tongue. Plus, he was a charmer. And that made him even more vile.

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