16 Characters We'd Like to See in the Big Brother House

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No summer is complete without a new Big Brother season.

What's your favorite part of the season? The competitions? Drama? Funny moments in a stressful and divided house? Sixteen players enter, one emerges victorious after weeks being cut off from the outside world.

Now, what could spice up a show that is entering its nineteenth season? Well, fictional characters, of course!

Whether it be Felicity's (Arrow) intelligence, Juliette's (Nashville) villainous acts of selfishness, or Alex Danvers' lack of friendship skills, these characters below would come together for the ultimate Big Brother summer.

1. Clarke Griffin - The 100

Clarke Griffin - The 100
If Clarke can survive six years on her own when the world was supposed to come to an end, she can survive a few months in the house. She’d do well at competitions, but what would be more interesting is to see Clarke working toward a goal for herself, since every season of The 100 has her fighting for her people. How will she do when the only one riding on her success is herself?

2. Aria Montgomery - Pretty Little Liars

Aria Montgomery - Pretty Little Liars
Every season needs a floater, right? Aria isn’t necessarily out of winning the competitions, she’s just not necessarily the most likely to. She’s great at making friends though, so her alliances could get her to the end, and she could even win if she plays the game better than she played A.D.’s board game.

3. Derek Morgan - Criminal Minds

Derek Morgan - Criminal Minds
Derek would definitely kill the competition with his physical competitions, and as a past FBI agent, he wouldn’t be so bad with the mental ones, either. Plus, he’s a profiler; no one would get anything past him. And hey, a little eye candy each summer never hurts.

4. Felicity Smoak - Arrow

Felicity Smoak - Arrow
Felicity’s wit and cleverness could really be helpful in the mental challenges that Big Brother has to offer, and even though she may not do as well in the physical competitions, her intelligence could help her with alliances with the stronger players. If she can get along with (and sometimes boss around) Oliver Queen, a fellow player should be no big deal.

5. Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
No one is as sneaky as Blair Waldorf, and no one can manipulate quite like she can. Blair’s game could go either way: she could either be a success and make everyone like her and trick them into keeping her around despite her lackluster competition prowess, or she’ll be found out and her manipulation will get her booted.

6. Cisco Ramon - The Flash

Cisco Ramon - The Flash
Cisco would be one of those players that’s good at everything. He’s not super physical, but since becoming Vibe, he’s had to step up his physical game, while he’s also a very intelligent scientist, and he’d be great with gameplay. Plus, his comedic edge would do wonders with entertainment.

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