17 Baddies Who are Just Too Darn Good

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Everyone's had a crush on a fictional TV character. Usually it's the doctor who just saved a life, the virtuous vampire, the brilliant scientist or the brave superhero that melted our hearts and made us fall in love with our TV screens. 
But then there are those OTHER characters. The characters that we know we should hate for their deceptions, their plotting and even the violent deeds that they commit but somehow, they have managed to spark something inside of us. 
We are talking about the villains, the big bad baddies that break the rules and our hearts. Whether it's the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the girl with the mysterious past or the dark and brooding loner with a secret, we have all been smitten for the bad boy or gal before. 
Even though we know we shouldn't love them, here are the 17 bad guys and girls that we can't help but love. 

1. Damien Darhk - Arrow

Damien Darhk - Arrow
Darhk is the leader of H.I.V.E. and a former member of the League of Assassins. He is the first bad guy that has magic and it renders the Arrow team helpless time after time. Darhk is super charming and seems pleasant as he carries out his horrid plans to take over Star City. We also learn that he is a family man which gives this unconventional Big Bad another layer.

2. Blaine DeBeers - iZombie

Blaine DeBeers - iZombie
Blaine was a drug dealer before turning into a zombie and turned Liv at the boat party. Blaine is actually pretty clever in his plan to sell brains to the other zombies in town but shows his evil side when he has no problem killing people to keep his business going. We do see a strange twinge of good in Blaine after he is cured. At least he is only selling already dead brains now, right?

3. Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) - The Flash

Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) - The Flash
Snart is a thief and overall creep when we meet him. He gets ahold of the cold gun and uses it to further his dishonest lifestyle. He learns Flash is Barry and shockingly keeps it to himself. Snart starts to show that he isn't a horrible guy and even warns Barry when the Trickster hands bombs out to the kids in Central City. We know that he will be a "Legend" on the Legends of Tomorrow, so soon it will be okay to love him without shame!

4. Chanel Oberlin - Scream Queens

Chanel Oberlin - Scream Queens
She is the meanest of the mean girls but we are still in love with her! Pretty much everything that comes out her mouth is horrible and her actions are no better. She has gone from the sorority house to the Palmer Asylum for the Insane, but we are willing to bet she is still just as fabulous in there.

5. Crowley - Supernatural

Crowley - Supernatural
He is the King of Hell and the leader of the underworld, but we still want to drink umbrella drinks and take selfies with him. Crowley used to be a super scary demon, but now that we have spent more time getting to know him, we know that he is just a demon with lots of feelings. He loves HBO, he will kill anyone in his way, he wants to be Dean's BFF and his mother keeps trying to have him killed. What's not to love?

6. Evil Queen - Once Upon a Time

Evil Queen - Once Upon a Time
She vows to destroy Snow White and Prince Charming and we know she can. Her character has gone through many changes over the years, but she remains our favorite. Even with her evil plots and heartless deed, we all still love her.

7. Faith Lehane - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Faith Lehane - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness ... unless you are the second slayer that shouldn't actually exist. When Buffy died briefly, it activated Kendra as the next Slayer but when she died, it was Faith who took her place.

Faith had a dark side and never got to realize her place in the fight against evil because she remained in Buffy's shadow. After Faith accidently murdered a human, she turned to the Mayor and to the dark side to escape Buffy's judgment and helped the Mayor prepare for his plan to murder the graduating class of Sunnydale High. She later joined the good guys, but she will always be the "Dark Slayer."

8. Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries
She was the doppelganger, descended from Amara and Tatia who had a knack for deception. Katherine loved to toy with the Salvatore brothers and Elena. She was the thorn in Klaus' side too and spent her existence running from him. In the end, we learned that she had a tragic life and that she really did love Stefan.

We really felt for her during the flashbacks of Katherine as a human teenager crying and screaming as her baby daughter was being ripped from her arms, just after she gave birth. Thankfully, they were reunited before her death.

9. Theo Raeken - Teen Wolf

Theo Raeken - Teen Wolf
Like Stiles, we were unsure about Theo from the start. Theo claimed that he came to town to join Scott's pack but he is really there to steal it. Theo is the first sucessful Chimera and is ruthless in his pursuit of his goal to end Scott's days as Alpha. Theo saves Stiles from the fire, pushes to keep Hayden alive and is kind to Malia but it may all be just to get the pack to join him and turn them against Scott.

10. Eli "Weevil" Navarro - Veronica Mars

Eli "Weevil" Navarro - Veronica Mars
He was the leader of the PCH biker gang and always in trouble with the law. Weevil was constanly at odds with the cops, both justly and unjustly but was always trying to help Veronica. We fell in love with Weevil when we learned that he was being tutored so he could graduate because he really wanted to show his Grandmother that he could be a good man. After all was said and done, he really was a good guy who had made a few too many bad choices.

11. Klaus Mikaelson - The Originals

Klaus Mikaelson - The Originals
Klaus is the original bad-boy vampire, literally. He was wickedly scary on The Vampire Diaries but showed his vulnerable side when he fell in love with Caroline. After moving back to New Orleans, a still-crazed and power-hungry Klaus started to value his family and another lovely blonde.

12. Grant Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Grant Ward - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
When the series started, Agent Grant Ward was the hardened hero who was tough but loyal and protected his team week after week. We were all shocked when we found out that Ward was actually Hydra! Ward had a troubled childhood and was taken in by Hydra's John Garrett as an impressionable kid. Ward followed every order Garrett gave and ended up turning into a full-blown villian.

No matter how bad he got, Ward never waivered in his love for Skye/Daisy, which had everyone hoping that he would come back to the good side but he never did. Ward cemented his villian status when he killed Coulson's love, Rosalind, but even with all of his horrible acts against the team, we all had a hard time letting Ward go.

13. Frank Delfino - How to Get Away with Murder

Frank Delfino - How to Get Away with Murder
There is a lot of mystery surrounding Frank but one thing is for sure, he is beyond sexy. He isn't a lawyer but likely a hitman or a high level bodyguard. He sleeps with the students and is a killer, yes, but he is super loyal to Annalise and takes his role very seriously. While he may not be the villian of the series (yet), he is certainly not the good guy.

14. Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The snarky, bleached, poetic, punk vampire without a soul who still makes us melt. Spike started out on Buffy as the "Big Bad" causing all kinds of trouble for Buffy and the Scoobies. He was a member of the "Fanged Four" (with Angel, Dru and Darla) and was the reason they all had to move around so much. Spike was obsessed with killing slayers and wanted Buffy to be next, but ended up falling for her.

Spike joined Buffy's side in the fight against evil when he had a chip put into his head that prevented him from harming humans. Later in the series, Spike was able to regain his soul which made us love him even more. At the end of the series, it was Spike that saved them all from the uber vampires when he sacrificed himself in the final battle against the First Evil.

15. Meg - Supernatural

Meg - Supernatural
In the early years, Meg was nothing more than a Hell-serving demon that kept messing with our favorite brothers. She was the reason Jo and Ellen died, and she caused non-stop trouble for the Winchester family for years. When the traditional Heaven and Hell roles were tossed out the window, we started to see a change in her. She seemed to really care about Cas and started to wonder if she could be good too. She met her end helping Castiel and the Winchesters escape but we all know that nobody is ever really gone on Supernatural.

16. Lucious Lyon - Empire

Lucious Lyon - Empire
Being the head of his family and his own record company can be stressful but so can hiding a murder. Lucious will stop at nothing to protect his reputation. He is a scary dude but there is a softer side to him that makes us want to forgive his evil ways. His romantic relationships and struggles with ALS humanize him and make us forget the crazy things he has done.

17. Toby Cavanaugh - Pretty Little Liars

Toby Cavanaugh - Pretty Little Liars
We were all shocked to learn that our dear, sweet Toby was on the "A-Team." On a show where everyone is lying and causing trouble, this one still came as a surprise. It is his relationship with Spencer that makes it easy to fall for him but it is hard to get past the things he has done to the Liars.

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