17 Breakups That Were Cause for Celebration

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Breakups aren't always something to be happy about. There's no denying that it can be a pretty hard and heartbreaking thing to go through.

But when it comes to television, there are some characters who are just with the wrong people and we can't help but root for them to split.

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Whether we wanted them with someone else, or just couldn't stand to see them together any longer, there are some breakups on TV that made us jump for joy. 

It's not that we want anyone to be unhappy. In fact, we want all the characters happy...just with, you know...specific people. 

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You get it. Right?

Check out our slideshow below of 17 breakups that we thought were cause for celebration!

1. Celeste and Perry - Big Little Lies

Celeste and Perry - Big Little Lies
Celeste and Perry's relationship was insanely toxic. Perry was both physically and emotionally abusive to Celeste, but part of Celeste still loved him. Even before the shocking events of the finale, Celeste summed up the courage to take her kids and leave him.

2. Felicity and Ray - Arrow

Felicity and Ray - Arrow
Felicity and Ray was just another obstacle in Olicity's way. It may have dragged out Oliver and Felicity's relationship, but it didn't even come close to stopping their wedding.

3. Steve and Nancy - Stranger Things

Steve and Nancy - Stranger Things
We had been waiting for Steve and Nancy to break up for a while, so we couldn't help but rejoice when they did. However, Steve did a lot of growing in Season 2 and now we're wondering if we were a little too hasty in our dislike of them.

4. Severide and Stella - Chicago Med

Severide and Stella - Chicago Med
All relationships have good and bad points, but we were so over this one. Severide kept pushing Stella away and, to be honest, it felt like it was time for them to let go of what they once had.

5. Chidi and Simone - The Good Place

Chidi and Simone - The Good Place
Chidi and Simone actually weren't bad together. Simone was a fun addition to The Good Place, but Chidi and Eleanor are the actual definitions of soulmates and Simone was one of the many factors that prevented their relationship on Earth. Even though Chidi and Simone broke up, Simone's presence in the new Good Place is already causing all types of complications for Cheleanor.

6. Cesar and Olivia - On My Block

Cesar and Olivia - On My Block
The chemistry just wasn't there and that's good enough for us. But besides that, it's obvious that Cesar belongs with Monse.

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