17 Couples Who Need A Vacation...Right Now!

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You know when you tell your friends, "I really need a vacation!!!"

Well, we've been noticing that some couples on TV don't tell their friends that often enough, because their love lives are badly in need of a little break from the action.

Alright. We admit it's hard to take a break from the zombie apocalypse or the Battle of Culloden. Some couples have less than stellar luck when it comes to time off, but the others on this list? They may not have an excuse.

Calling all travel agents! Let's start booking couples retreats now. Where would YOU send each of these duos for a well-deserved getaway?

1. Maggie and Glenn - The Walking Dead

Maggie and Glenn - The Walking Dead
It’s not like Maggie and Glenn can just take off to the Bahamas or anything like that, but wouldn’t it be nice if they could? All couples need a little bit of ‘we” time before a baby arrives, and these two are no different. Only they are because they’re living in a world that is way different than it used to be and where there’s danger at every turn. These two need to find a safe little area (by a beach would be great) where no one will bother them so that they can just forget about the world and only think about themselves. That is, if Glenn is still alive.

2. Oliver and Felicity - Arrow

Oliver and Felicity - Arrow
Felicity and Oliver were destined for a fairytale ending, until an unfortunate lie put an abrupt end to it all. Whether Oliver was right or wrong when it came to to telling Felicity about William and whether Felicity was right or wrong for dumping him because of it is an argument for the ages. The important thing is that these two belong together, and we think a little “just the two of us” vacation will go a long way to restoring the “happily ever after” ending this couple deserves.

3. Claire and Jamie - Outlander

Claire and Jamie - Outlander
Jamie and Claire’s love is stronger than ever, but this couple really needs a break. Trying to change the course of history has proved to be a grueling adventure. They have suffered through tragedy after tragedy, yet they continue to carry on. No one can keep up that kind of pace forever. A few days away where they can ravish each other with their undying love will do wonders for this wonder couple.

4. Magnus and Alec - Shadowhunters

Magnus and Alec - Shadowhunters
These two lovebirds were attracted to each other the minute they met. Alec couldn’t accept his feelings for the High Warlock of Brooklyn and pushed Magnus away until Isabelle stepped in. Even though the couple shared an epic kiss, they still haven’t gone on a first date. Alec is still unsure, but give this couple a short getaway and their love will be a sure thing.

5. Liz and Tom - The Blacklist

Liz and Tom -  The Blacklist
It’s been a hard road for this couple: marriage, divorce, re-marriage, baby, and everything horrible imaginable in between. Just when it looked like they were going to have a super happy ending, Liz gets kidnapped and Tom and the baby disappear. If anyone needs a break, it’s these two. Once this current conflict gets resolved they need to find a good babysitter and take off for parts unknown.

6. Rhonda and Andre - Empire

Rhonda and Andre - Empire
How this couple ever got together in the first place is anyone’s guess, but their love for each other is indisputable. These two have gone through hell and back with Andre’s mental illness and his crazy family. The recent loss of their unborn child added an insurmountable grief to their already troubled lives. If Rhonda didn’t die in her epic fight with Anika, her and Andre need to take the first flight out to somewhere romantic and serene and let their troubles fade away with the sunset.

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