17 General Hospital Characters Port Charles Needs Back ASAP

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Over the years there have been plenty of characters that have said goodbye to Port Charles.

Whether they died, are presumed dead, on the run or left town, there are several characters that fans miss dearly, and General Hospital needs to bring them back ASAP.

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The canvas is a little crowded right now on General Hospital, but viewers would give up newbies like Chace, Finn and D.A. Dawson for a chance to have one of these beloved characters back in town.

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1. Luke Spencer

Luke Spencer
Yes, Anthony Geary is retired, but couldn't Luke Spencer pop back in town for a quick visit to see his daughter, grandchildren and the love of his life, Laura Spencer? They could all use his help right now fans need a Luke fix.

2. Robin Scorpio Drake

Robin Scorpio Drake
Thankfully Robin Scorpio Drake makes the occasional appearance in Port Charles, but it is not enough. She needs to be back full time, especially to help her mother as Anan deals with her long-lost son and Robin's half-brother, Peter.

3. Nikolas Cassadine

Nikolas Cassadine
Prince Nikolas Cassadine is presumed dead, but since fans never saw him die, this return is possible. Even though Tyler Christopher is unavailable, Nick Stabile played the role before and was amazing. It is time the Cassadine heir came back to claim his throne from the evil Valentin.

4. Tracy Quartermaine

Tracy Quartermaine
The lovely Jane Elliott is also retired. However, since Luke and Tracy Quartermaine were last seen at the same café, they could return to Port Charles together. The entire Quartermaine family could use a good dose of Tracy drama. Her crazy antics are sorely missed.

5. Lucky Spencer

Lucky Spencer
Lucky Spencer has been MIA for years, but his youngest son, Aiden, needs his father. Now that Nashville is over, perhaps Johnathon Jackson would come back even if it was for a short stint. He hasn't seen his kids, his sister, or his mother in far too long. Bad Lucky.

6. Helena Cassadine

Helena Cassadine
It has been three years since Helena Cassadine died. However, the character has killed multiple times, so bringing her back to life is a possibility. Helena is the queen of villains, and Port Charles could use a good evil villain that fans love to hate. No one fits that bill better than Helena.

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