17 TV Singles We Would Like To Date

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Singles Awareness Day is an interestingly strange holiday to have follow after Valentine's Day. But there is always a way to turn it around, especially when it is about appreciating some of our favorite TV shows in the process.

These are a selection of TV characters that are currently single on our TV screens, all of whom deserve to be celebrated.

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In addition to that though, these are characters that should change their relationship status and we would love to help them with that. These are our favorite TV singles who we would like to date, even if we didn't get to ask them to be our Valentines. 

Who are some of your favorite TV characters that are single and that you would want to help out with that? 

1. Clarke Griffin - The 100

Clarke Griffin - The 100
Clarke Griffin has been through a lot in her love life, so wanting to see her happy seems like the most obvious wish. The 100 has really put their female lead through a lot, the least they could do is show that there is time for her to find love. And if the show is taking suggestions then it would have to be between her "platonic" soulmate Bellamy or me.

2. Steve Harrington - Stranger Things

Steve Harrington - Stranger Things
Steve is going to need someone to help him look after all his kids during Stranger Things Season 3, especially when he is at his new job at the mall. But he probably won't have to worry about finding volunteers, in fact, he may have to spend some time just going over all of them.

3. Margo Hanson - The Magicians

Margo Hanson - The Magicians
It is about time Margo was constantly showered with the love and appreciation that she deserves. She stole all our hearts the second she appeared on The Magicians, so it would only be fair for her to thrive even more with a new addition if she so chooses.

4. Alex Crawford - The Bold Type

Alex Crawford - The Bold Type
The only thing we would like to see more than Alex getting more screentime is Alex getting to date someone. We are all obviously volunteering, but whoever makes him happy is the clear cut winner here.

5. Dina Fox - Superstore

Dina Fox - Superstore
No one really deserves Dina because she is unique and rare and we would all be so lucky. But maybe there is still someone that could catch her eye soon? Garrett is the obvious choice but surprises are fun too.

6. Thomas Magnum - Magnum P.I

Thomas Magnum - Magnum P.I
It would be impossible not to develop a crush on such a lead, none of us are to blame.

7. Maria DeLuca - Roswell, New Mexico

Maria DeLuca - Roswell, New Mexico
Maria is amazing and she deserves to be told so all the time. There's nothing like a significant other to help in that department, and she is our favorite for a reason.

8. Nick Scratch - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Nick Scratch - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Nick may still have his eye on Sabrina but in case that doesn't work out during Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2, there will be plenty of people willing to date them instead.

9. Stevie Budd - Schitt's Creek

Stevie Budd - Schitt's Creek
Stevie Budd is very underrated but that just means we need to recruit more people to love her just as much as we do. There is also a desperate need for a David/Patrick and Stevie/someone double date in our Schitt's Creek future so time to get on that.

10. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
There is conflicting understanding of whether Jon Snow is on or off the market right now, so for the sake of this slideshow, we will use that as a loophole to remind everyone how eligible he is.

11. Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds

Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds
Spencer is going through a lot after JJ revealed to him that she always loved him, something Criminal Minds Season 15 will need to confront head-on. For now, though, Spencer is beloved enough to be celebrated while he is still single.

12. Daisy Johnson - Agents of SHIELD

Daisy Johnson - Agents of SHIELD
It is time for Daisy to date someone new, and it isn't shocking that fans would like to date her. There would be no Agents of SHIELD without her, her strength is so inspiring and encouraging.

13. Eric Effion - Sex Education

Eric Effion - Sex Education
He is our favorite and he should be yours too! Eric was a lovely addition to Sex Education and his journey made us love him even more.

14. Caitlin Snow - The Flash

Caitlin Snow - The Flash
The Flash has a lovely addition in Caitlin Snow and there is no way to celebrate Singles Awareness Day without her.

15. Michael Burnham - Star Trek: Discovery

Michael Burnham - Star Trek: Discovery
It is an honor and a pleasure to be in the presence of Michael Burnham so we would be so lucky as to get a date with her. Still, it is worth noting how wonderful this character is and how she makes Star Trek: Discovery what it is.

16. Stella Kidd - Chicago Fire

Stella Kidd - Chicago Fire
Stella may have only become single recently, but suitors need to be quick because she is amazing. Blink and she will be in a relationship again because we all want to date her.

17. Dean, Sam, and Castiel - Supernatural

Dean, Sam, and Castiel - Supernatural
This isn't cheating when all three of them are so in demand, right?

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