Gotham Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Ruin

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For all the time I have been wishing for a Babs and Jim reunion, my wish finally came true on Gotham Season 5 Episode 4!


Yes, I know it was a moment of weakness on Jim's part, but still, it was exciting as HELL to watch him grab her and pull her towards him for that passionate embrace!

Babs is SMOKIN' - Gotham Season 5 Episode 4

What does his mean other than he's going to regret it in the morning?

Well, she could get pregnant, and thus Baby Babs will be born fulfilling every fanboy and fangirl's dream!

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That is, of course, if someone doesn't interrupt them like Bullock which I could totally see happening!

Jim: How much is this going to cost me?
Babs: Just do your job. Get the bastard.

If he walks in on them before they do the deed, I am going to hate Harvey for a very, very long time! It would also be incredibly cruel on Gotham's part to tease us so mercilessly!

It's possible that if they don't take it all the way, there might not be another chance because WE KNOW Lee is going to be back at some point and that will put Jim in quite the conundrum.

Jim Makes a Choice - Gotham Season 5 Episode 4

He will always love Lee just as he will always love Babs, but Lee doesn't stoke his fire the way Babs does. If you think about it, Lee is just Babs when she was goody-goody way back on Gotham Season 1.

And he only got together with Lee since Barbara left him because he put her in danger and couldn't protect her -- the same he did during his entire relationship with Lee.

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If you think about it further, Lee's descent into her bad girl role is reminiscent of Bab's descent into her bad girl role. There's a parallel here, and it all points back to the fact that Babs has always been his woman. 

He just buried those feelings deep.

I would rather we put aside our considerable differences and go get the people some justice.


Jim never believed that Babs was behind the bombing, and her passion that he do his job and find the person responsible stirred up those feelings. He knew right then and there that the Barbara he knew and loved from days ago was still the same person standing before him.

Another Look at Babs - Gotham Season 5 Episode 4

She never went away. She just strayed a bit.

It's not that I necessarily think Barbara is going to go to the good side, but her days as Babs the Bad are definitely coming to an end.

She still has a thirst for power -- and a deep need to kill Penguin (maybe not anymore since she passed up a chance to kill him at Haven) -- but her life has changed drastically enough that she might think it's time for a different path.

Their encounter might be the catalyst that changes her back, but it's all dependent on what Jim does when Lee returns.

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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Jim ends up with Babs when the series ends. She's the right choice!

Babs and Jim's hot reunion wasn't the only mind-blowing event that happened on "Ruin."

The revelation that it was THE RIDDLER who bombed Haven was beyond shocking!!

The Man of Reason - Gotham Season 5 Episode 4

I never thought it was Jeremiah even though it seemed logical that he would be the culprit, but learning it was Ed in his Riddler persona was totally unexpected!

Ed himself was shocked that he would do such a thing because while he's not ashamed of murder, murder on that mass scale is something he wouldn't touch.

He's also afraid of what will happen to him if anyone finds out what he did. He doesn't want to be the bad guy in this situation. 

Ed isn't going to be able to stifle his Riddler persona forever. We already know this from the flash forward on Gotham Season 5 Episode 1 when we saw him join with Penguin and Jim for that crazy gun battle.

I know you all want justice. So do I. You're angry. You're scared. For months now you've been hearing me say help is coming. Truth is we may be on our own. If that's true, what we do now is more important than ever. This. This is not justice. This is not justice. It's not who we are.


(And the fact that Babs wasn't there is concerning -- unless she's pregnant -- but we won't think about that right now.)

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What I love about all of Gotham's craziness is that even the bad guys know when bad guys go too far. 

Judge Penguin - Gotham Season 5 Episode 4

Sure, Ed had a motive to help Lucius figure out the riddle (lame, I know) of the bombing, but he was as disgusted by it as everyone else which is why the truth of what he did was so unbelievable to him.

It's not clear why Riddler would do such a thing unless he just wanted to send a wake-up call to Ed, but Ed is going to have to find a way to merge both sides of himself to come up with a more balanced villain.

I absolutely loved every scene between Ed and Lucius. They work so well together; it's too bad they can't always be on the same side.

Judge and Lawyer - Gotham Season 5 Episode 4

Another surprising twist this hour came when Penguin actually decided -- once again -- to help Jim and the GCPD find the bomber. 

Like Ed, Oswald was disgusted by the brutality of the bombing which is always surprising considering how brutal Penguin has been himself over the past four seasons.

But Oswald still has that shred of humanity left in him, and he knows when criminal behavior has gone too far. Killing mayoral opponents (and many others) is much different than a mass murder on this scale.

I also think there's another motive, but I can't quite figure it out yet. 

This city will never be what you want it to be, Jim. It's always going to belong to the bad guys, like me.


More than likely it has to do with his desire to be needed and feel loved. If he could garner the support of the people by helping bring the bomber to justice, then he would achieve that goal.

He tried his best to connect with the people with his people's trial of Zsasz, and he almost succeeded until Jim saved the day once again.

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I'm glad they didn't kill off Zsasz by beheading. Considering all the fun he's brought to the show, that kind of death would be an injustice.

It would have been much more exciting if he died in a shootout with Jim, but Zsasz thought better of it when offered the chance to challenge Jim.

Jim and Penguin Face Offf - Again - Gotham Season 5 Episode 4

I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Zsasz, and it wouldn't be surprising if he showed up on Jeremiah's side at some point.

Jeremiah made his long-awaited appearance, but he didn't last too long.

He's not dead because if he is we'll never see that tease of him and Bruce at Ace Chemicals come to fruition. And Gotham can't possibly give us another Joker. It's just not possible.

Jim: I'm guessing there are strings attached?
Penguin: No strings save for the one you cinch around the neck of the Haven bomber.

Ecco might come to his rescue, but I think she's dead. Selina wouldn't have just tied her up so that she could get her outfit to get close to Jeremiah.

I have my doubts that Ecco is or will be Harley, and I don't believe she is. I still have to think on that one a while.

He's going to be all sorts of crazy beyond what he already is when he recovers. He's going to go after Selina like no one's business, but that's when I'm guessing he's going to come across Bruce and fully become the Joker.

Jim is on a Mission - Gotham Season 5 Episode 4

The final season of Gotham is above and beyond anything I could have expected. Each and every episode has been thrilling!

It's sad that we're getting closer to the end than not. Yet, I'm beyond excited to see what happens and how everything develops.

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One final thing before I go -- Alfred responding to Bruce's "signal" to save his ass was the bomb!!!!! And Alfred's comment about Selina and Bruce's future was the bomb number two!

God, I love this show!

Over to you!

What were your favorite moments of "Ruin"? 

Are you all in on the Babs/Jim reunion?

Will anyone find out the truth about what Ed did?

Is crazy girl Harley or is Harley yet to come?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Gotham Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

I didn't think you got my signal.

Bruce (to Alfred)

I know each one of you lost someone you care for. I share your grief. I share your anger. But whoever destroyed that building can't destroy the hope we built. Not unless we let them.