19 Engrossing Procedurals: Whodunit?

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We've compiled some of the best procedural television shows on the air. Which do you like best?

1. Castle

The idea of a handsome novelist tagging along with a beautiful cop sounded like a good idea, and indeed it was.

2. Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0
The buddy dynamic between McGarrett and Danny stood the test of time for a successful relaunch of a beloved series.


Not only is this a successful series that has spawened others, in 2011 Pauley Perrette was named the most popular female star on TV for her role as Abby.

4. Hannibal

In their search for a serial killer, the team never gets to stop their work as they are faced with horrific cases that could be related to their search for Hannibal every week. Stylized, but procedural.

5. Arrow

Ha, you say? How do you think the Suicide Squad was formed? By Team Arrow taking down bad guys. Many didn't survive, The Clock King and Vertigo were successfully snuffed out by good sleuthing.

6. Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles
From a series of bestselling books, this series was born. A procedural featuring two female leads who don't compete and are best friends is a formula for success.

7. Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods
Following the legal and justice pursuits of the Reagan family, Blue Bloods has been a solid performer for years.

8. Grimm

Nick was already fighting crime long before he knew he was a Grimm. Now he has an ecclectic crew of Wesen that assist him in his investigations in the creepy criminal world of Potland.

9. Bones

Despite tulmultuous personal lives, nothing keeps the team from solving some of the most difficult cases in and around Washington, DC.

10. Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds
Passionate profilers work feverishly to dig inside dangerous minds with the hope of stopping criminals before they strike again.

11. Person of Interest

Person of Interest
Complicated personal relationships abound as former a former CIA agent assists a billionaire stop future crimes with the use of his machine.

12. Major Crimes

Major Crimes
Picking up where The Closer left off, this well known team investigates major crimes in the Los Angeles area with compassion and humor.

13. Supernatural

Even while investigating the overarching theme of angels and demons, the Winchesters always go from town to town to solve cases related with the bigger picture. Two brothers and their car. Classic.

14. NCIS: LA

One of the most successfull spinoffs in recent history, the LA team of street kids who rose up through the ranks has a more playful dynamic and a grittier feel than their counterparts.

15. The Mentalist

The Mentalist
I took years to solve the case of Red John and discover what was making Jane tick, but the series survived a time jump to renewal.

16. Chicago PD

Chicago PD
This crime drama follows the same format as its sister show, Chicago Fire. It's built around the characters as they fight internal and external (human) demons to keep Chicago safe.

17. Elementary

This take on Sherlock puts a spin on the classic detective story by making Watson a female. The cases are as smart as the duo.

18. Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue
Following a fresh class of cops as they started their first year in an elite unit, the series has proven their personal lives have a huge impact on their success.

19. The Blacklist

The Blacklist
Raymond Reddington would only help the FBI track the worst of the worst if he could secure Liz Keen to assist. Personal lives, crazy criminals and James Spader make this series tick.

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