23 Actors Saddled with Terrible Roles

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Whether it's finding they're on a losing show or that the part they're playing on an otherwise decent show just doesn't suit them, sometimes actors get a bum deal.

Yep, this slideshow comes after the fiasco that was True Detective. Those actors got a bum rap if ever we saw one.

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Maybe the role looked great on paper, and it's not living up to the expectations set when the actor signed on. Or maybe the actor loves the work they're doing and the delivery just isn't up to par.

Who knows? All we know is when we watch(ed) these 23 actors in these particular roles, we know they're destined for better things.

Agree or disagree?

1. Halle Berry - Molly Woods on Extant

Halle Berry - Molly Woods on Extant
Yes, Halle Berry mentioned that television is the new frontier in entertainment, but it doesn't appear she's going to get there, even playing astronaut Molly Woods on Extant. It was a drag. Berry worries, cries and fights with the best of them, but it's not a role that's going to win her any awards. And remember, Berry's an Oscar-winning actress. She's no slouch. Extant, however, was cheesy summer fare and will never be anything more. Sorry!

2. Gary Sinise - Mac Taylor, CSI: NY

Gary Sinise - Mac Taylor, CSI: NY
Gary Sinise is an Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning actor who finds himself choosing roles on procedural television. He obviously likes the roles. However, they can't possibly challenge him as an actor. It's the same week in and week out. They're never going to win him an Emmy. Up next for the actor? Leading the next Criminal Minds franchise, Beyond Borders.

3. Shailene Woodley - Amy Juergens, Secret Life of the American Teenager

Shailene Woodley - Amy Juergens, Secret Life of the American Teenager
Watching Shailene Woodley in Secret Life of the American Teenager would have given none of us the impression she could have pulled of the feat she did in The Descendants. There were so few expectations placed upon her as an actress as Amy Juergens that she must have honed her skills elsewhere. Whatever she did, it worked, and she's gone on to be one of the most sought-after young actresses on the market with mad skills. Wow.

4. Dean Norris - Big Jim Rennie, Under the Dome

Dean Norris - Big Jim Rennie, Under the Dome
Dean Norris' Big Jim Rennie became THE reason to watch Under the Dome in its third season, so that says something. He acted the hell out of it each and every week. I can't imagine anybody else playing the part. However, it's far below his talent level. Then again, maybe he just enjoyed playing Big Jim as much as we enjoy watching him. If so, kudos. Job well done!

5. Hugh Jackman - Nicky Fontant, Viva Laughlin

Hugh Jackman - Nicky Fontant, Viva Laughlin
THIS is an example of a role that must have appealed to Hugh Jackman on paper on every level. With his love of the stage, getting to sing and dance in a television show? Score! Just looking at the image says in an instant it's a dog. The previews, the description – everything to the audience screamed stay away. And that's what they did. In droves. Two episodes aired before it the Oscar nominee's project was yanked from the schedule.

6. Jennifer Love Hewitt - Riley Parks, The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Riley Parks, The Client List
There's not a lot we can say about Jennifer Love Hewitt chosing to play Riley Parks on The Client List. OK. I can say it took me a little longer than it should have to find just the right photo. Maybe it was as fun to wear the outfits as to look at them? {{gulp}} JLove DID find a husband and father for her children on set. That's a plus. The character and story were absolute trash. And I reviewed it! Yep. Watched and reviewed. Still, hot as she is, JLove deserves better than this garbage.

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