21 Most Secure Relationships on Television

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Everyone needs security in their lives, especially shippers who watch a lot of television. 

The on again, off again, couples can keep viewers on their toes, but sometimes the best relationships are the ones that get together and stick together.

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Couples who are always all in with each other are actually far more appealing than those that have continuous drama and scandals.

Who wouldn't want a stable relationship that can make it through anything?

Check out our slideshow below of 21 of the most secure relationships on television. 

1. Jane and Michael - Jane the Virgin

Jane and Michael - Jane the Virgin
Poor Jane and Michael had to go through so much once Jane's accidental pregnancy came out. But the only thing that truly got in the way of their love was death. Or not death? What exactly was with that cliffhanger?

2. Ben and Leslie - Parks and Recreation

Ben and Leslie - Parks and Recreation
Once Ben quit his job to be with Leslie nothing could keep them apart. These two lovebirds will be together forever.

3. Randall and Beth - This Is Us

Randall and Beth - This Is Us
Although they went through some struggles, Randall and Beth came out the other side. They became both stronger and better from it.

4. Brad and Jane - Happy Endings

Brad and Jane - Happy Endings
Some might say Brad and Jane might love each other too much. But really, how could anyone love too much? Their relationship is inspiring and we all want someone to love us as much as Brad and Jane love each other.

5. Magnus and Alec - Shadowhunters

Magnus and Alec - Shadowhunters
Nothing, not even demons are keeping these two apart. We're not even a little bit worried that Magnus and Alec will break up. Their love is unconditional and all they want is to spend their life together. With Shadowhunters coming to an end, we've got our fingers crossed for a wedding in the future.

6. Nomi and Amanita - Sense8

Nomi and Amanita - Sense8
Nothing can scare Amanita away from Nomi, not even the fact that Nomi is literally connected to a group of random people. We also can't get over the fact that they both proposed to each other at the same time. It doesn't get any cuter.

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