21 TV Characters Who Could Use A Therapist

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6. Annalise Keating (How To Get Away With Murder)

Annalise Keating (How To Get Away With Murder)
Who wouldn't need a psychiatrist if you're Annalise Keating? Losing your baby in a car crash, which later turned out to be caused by one of your trusted employees/friends; having a cheating husband who would later be killed while trying to cover up the murder itself—Annalise needs a therapist.

7. Lizzie Saltzman (Legacies)

Lizzie Saltzman (Legacies)
To no one’s fault but her ancestor’s twisted approach to tradition, Lizzie seems to become the evil twin between her and her fraternal twin sister Josie. I mean, it has been proven that the Gemini coven actually produces those kinds of twins and Lizzie seems to sadly be this generation’s carrier of the illness. Dr. Alaric Saltzman needs more than just meditation exercises for this one.

8. Teresa Mendoza (Queen of the South)

Teresa Mendoza (Queen of the South)
Oh, Teresa. It sucks to be you, honestly. Remember when Teresa had to run for her life after her boyfriend died? Well, he didn't actually die. It was just a show. But, imagine having to go through that, it would be traumatic! Then, she was raped by a drug trafficker, became a drug mule herself, and her best friend got killed—all while trying to outwit everyone else for the sake of her survival. If anyone else was in that position, no one would blame them if they'd lose it.

9. Clay Jenson (13 Reasons Why)

Clay Jenson (13 Reasons Why)
Clay actually had gone to a psychologist. During the first season, it was said that he had medications and one of the scenes showed Duloxetine, a drug for anxiety and/or depression. But, after holding pieces of evidence of a suicide, his life has gotten a lot messier. Hold on tight, Clay. Go and see your doctor whenever you feel necessary.

10. Mellie Grant (Scandal)

Mellie Grant (Scandal)
If you've seen Scandal, you know that Mellie Grant is a force to be reckoned with. Sure, she's angry most of the time, but it was for a reason. She was raped by her ex-husband's father, only to keep quiet about it because her husband was running for a government position. She lost a child because of a shady and covert government organization. She lost her husband to the hands of a person she truly respected. Talk about managing to smile in front of the world while hiding a dark room of gloom in the shadows. Mellie needs more than just a scream to release all of it.

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