21 TV Characters Who Dated Out of Their League

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Relationships are a complicated thing in the television world.

Some make perfect sense. Others are bewildering.

Even the romances that make are hearts swell are sometimes completely lopsided.

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Dating out of someone's league usually has something to do with looks, career, or money, but here we add other things like personality and demeanor.

Not all television romances are created equal.

Here are 13 characters who we think dated out of their league.

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1. Beckett - Castle

Beckett - Castle
Beckett scored big when she snagged Castle. She was beautiful and smart, but he was rich, charming, and hot. It's not that we didn't love them together, we did, but her life climbed up a few notches when Beckett got together with Castle.

2. Aram - The Blacklist

Aram - The Blacklist
This was a couple we were all rooting for, but in the end, Samar proved too much for Aram. He inadvertently put her life at risk not because he was reckless but because he just wasn't up to her level. She loved him but had to protect herself which meant this love story had to end.

3. Dr. Brennan - Bones

Dr. Brennan - Bones
Brennan is annoying. Booth is hot. Yes, it's the very basest idea of dating out of your league, but he's way above her in every department.

4. Ray - Everybody Loves Raymond

Ray - Everybody Loves Raymond
There is so much wrong with Ray that we can't understand how he ended up with Debra. She's smart, stable, and focused. He's nothing but a man-child who contributes nothing to their marriage. He may be funny, but Debra could have done better.

5. Nancy - Stranger Things

Nancy - Stranger Things
Yes, we said it. Jonathan is out of NANCY'S league -- not the other way around as you'd expect. Why? Because she's a faker, and he's not. Although she might have come to terms with her true self, it doesn't mean she deserves him despite how many fans love to see this couple together.

6. Xander - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Xander - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Xander hit the lottery when he started dating Cordelia. It's not that he isn't a nice guy deserving of love, but Cordelia is way out of his league. It's fairly simple. She's a rich bitch, and he's too nice and nerdy. Enough said.

7. Marnie - Girls

Marnie - Girls
It may come as a shocker, but Ray is totally out of Marnie's league. Even though he's a little messed up, he's still a nice guy. Marnie is a spoiled rotten biatch who thinks she's better than everyone else. Ray deserves better.

8. Seth - The O.C.

Seth - The O.C.
Another geeky guy who has a crush on the pretty girl and somehow, some way, is able to make his dreams come true. Let's just forget the fact that she comes from a wealthy family and would never have looked at him twice in the real world. Seth is a likable guy, but Summer is way out of his league.

9. Rumple - Once Upon a Time

Rumple - Once Upon a Time
We get the whole beauty and the beast thing, but there's so much more that puts Rumple out of Belle's league. He's a bad man no matter what forces put him in that position and despite him doing the good thing at the end and having his happily ever after with Belle, she's the one who got the short end of the stick.

10. Jughead - Riverdale

Jughead - Riverdale
Betty isn't necessarily sweet and innocent, but she's a lot more clean-cut than Jughead will ever be. Add to the fact that she's way too pretty to be with a guy who verges on the edge of nerdy and naughty. Jughead got the better end of this deal.

11. Chloe - Lucifer

Chloe - Lucifer
This one is a no-brainer. The devil reigns supreme in this relationship that isn't yet a full-blown relationship. Lucifer is super hot, charming, rich, and most importantly -- FUN! Chloe is at the bottom of the totem pole and no amount of devil-inspired charm will ever bring her to his level.

12. Kate - This is Us

Kate - This is Us
Toby may not be the best looking guy on the planet, but he's certainly the nicest. And he's way too nice to be with someone so narcissistic as Kate. He deserves way better than he got.

13. Jim - Gotham

Jim - Gotham
Good girls always seem to fall in love with the bad boys. While Jim might not be considered a bad boy by many, he has many skeletons in his closet that he'd like to keep locked away forever. Jim should consider himself lucky for winning the heart of a woman far beyond his league.

14. Ross - Friends

Ross - Friends
Ross was a lucky guy when he and Rachel became more than friends. It makes us wonder what exactly was going on in Rachel's head. She could have done so much better because Ross was way beneath her in every way.

15. Claire - Outlander

Claire - Outlander
Claire is clearly out of Jamie's league. He's hot, she's not. Plus, she's manipulative, bossy, and took advantage of a nice guy at the right time.

16. Nick - New Girl

Nick - New Girl
The perfect couple? We think not! Nick is a loser who needs to grow up. Jess is the most bubbly and fun person on the face of the planet. We know opposites attract, but Nick climbed a high ladder to win a prize like Jess.

17. Chuck - Chuck

Chuck - Chuck
This one is simple. Sarah is a beautiful badass. He's Chuck. You figure it out.

18. Gus - LOVE

Gus - LOVE
Mickey has many issues, but Gus has many more, including a whole boatload of stuff he never shared with her. Who cares if he finally realized what a fu*k up he was, she still deserved better because she's all that (flaws and all), and he's nowhere near her caliber.

19. Jay - Modern Family

Jay - Modern Family
Look at her! Just LOOK at her. Gloria is incredibly gorgeous and feisty, and Jay is just an old fuddy-duddy. We're not against May-December romances, but Gloria could have found an older guy closer to what you'd think a woman like her would choose as a life mate.

20. Leonard - The Big Bang Theory

Leonard - The Big Bang Theory
This is the most lopsided relationship in television history. There's so much wrong with this relationship, it could go either way on who got the shorter end of the stick in this romance. He's super smart. She's not. She's pretty. He's not. She knows how to have fun and socialize. He doesn't. The list goes on and on. But since we have to choose who got the shorter end of the stick, we're going to go with Penny.

21. Fez - That 70's Show

Fez - That 70's Show
Jackie was obviously in some sort of weird alternate reality when she decided Fez was the one for her. They had nothing in common, and he was odd, dumb, and sex-obsessed. Fez made it to the big time when he and Jackie became a couple.

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