21 TV Characters Who Dated Out of Their League

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Relationships are a complicated thing in the television world.

Some make perfect sense. Others are bewildering.

Even the romances that make are hearts swell are sometimes completely lopsided.

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Dating out of someone's league usually has something to do with looks, career, or money, but here we add other things like personality and demeanor.

Not all television romances are created equal.

Here are 13 characters who we think dated out of their league.

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1. Beckett - Castle

Beckett - Castle
Beckett scored big when she snagged Castle. She was beautiful and smart, but he was rich, charming, and hot. It's not that we didn't love them together, we did, but her life climbed up a few notches when Beckett got together with Castle.

2. Aram - The Blacklist

Aram - The Blacklist
This was a couple we were all rooting for, but in the end, Samar proved too much for Aram. He inadvertently put her life at risk not because he was reckless but because he just wasn't up to her level. She loved him but had to protect herself which meant this love story had to end.

3. Dr. Brennan - Bones

Dr. Brennan - Bones
Brennan is annoying. Booth is hot. Yes, it's the very basest idea of dating out of your league, but he's way above her in every department.

4. Ray - Everybody Loves Raymond

Ray - Everybody Loves Raymond
There is so much wrong with Ray that we can't understand how he ended up with Debra. She's smart, stable, and focused. He's nothing but a man-child who contributes nothing to their marriage. He may be funny, but Debra could have done better.

5. Nancy - Stranger Things

Nancy - Stranger Things
Yes, we said it. Jonathan is out of NANCY'S league -- not the other way around as you'd expect. Why? Because she's a faker, and he's not. Although she might have come to terms with her true self, it doesn't mean she deserves him despite how many fans love to see this couple together.

6. Xander - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Xander - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Xander hit the lottery when he started dating Cordelia. It's not that he isn't a nice guy deserving of love, but Cordelia is way out of his league. It's fairly simple. She's a rich bitch, and he's too nice and nerdy. Enough said.

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