21 TV Series That Should Have Called It Quits!

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There is such thing as too much of a good thing. 

Even some of our favorite and most beloved series have to come to an end at some point. Unfortunately, some of them have overstayed their welcome. 

Between ludicrous plot points, recycled storylines, controversial cast changes, or dwindling quality and humor, some of these series clinging on for dear life should have considered calling it quits. 

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Scroll through the gallery and check out our list of television series that we feel should have pulled the plug, like, yesterday. 

Which series do you think need to give it up?! Share your thoughts in the comments!

1. Lethal Weapon

The neverending behind the scenes drama was and still is exhausting. It was some of the worst in years, and it's laughable that whoever thought this series could remain successful after firing Crawford. When you think about the Lethal Weapon franchise, the first person that comes to mind is Riggs, so how the hell did anyone think this series could survive without its most popular main character? Also, killing him off was tacky AF!

2. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead should've been put out of its misery like four seasons ago. They let it go on, but it's all been downhill ever since. They're hemorrhaging viewers almost every other episode, and two of their leads just left. What is The Walking Dead without Rick Grimes?

3. Grey's Anatomy

This show is like a drug that's impossible to give up on, which is why it needs to put all of us out of our misery by ending already. It has been on FOREVER. If they don't end it soon, we'll be watching Meredith's daughter start HER first day as an intern at that godforsaken hospital.

4. Riverdale

Riverdale has a habit of dragging out its storylines. The Black Hood plot was dragged on way too long. And while the show is known for being positively ludicrous pretty much all of the time, the Gargoyle King and floating babies have tipped the show too far over the edge.

5. Law & Order: SVU

Mariska Hargitay is a gift, and Olivia Benson is one of the most iconic characters in television history. L & O: SVU has surpassed mere entertainment by being at the forefront of entire movements and has educated the masses and shaped society's understanding of sex crimes for TWO DECADES! There are only so many "ripped from the headlines" cases a person can take. Let Olivia retire!

6. 13 Reasons Why

Ideally, 13 Reasons Why should have been a limited series that ended with its excellent first season. Unfortunately, half of the second season was filler episodes showing that the series was clinging on for dear life. If the third season is another 13 episodes, that's 26 episodes more than the series needed.

7. Chicago PD

Sophia Bush's departure already put a damper on the show last season and with Alvin gone too, Burgess is literally the only likable character on that show. During such a fraught time in society, a show about police officers abusing their power doesn't really work well anymore. More times than not, after multiple episodes, it's uncomfortable to watch, and I don't find myself rooting for any of Chicago's finest anymore.

8. Modern Family

There are no laughs left to mine. The series has milked everything under the sun for all that it is worth. Nearly all the kids are grown now. The characters stopped being endearing characters and are more like caricatures of their former selves. Most of the humor is stale and redundant, and it just isn't funny anymore.


When almost all of the original characters call it quits, it's time for the show to do the same. I get that NCIS still has legs to stand on as long as Mark Harmon is standing on his and willing to continue the series, but it's in its 16th season now. It's time to make like Elsa from Frozen and let it go!

10. Trial & Error

The first season of Trial & Error was hilarious. Unfortunately, John Lithgow was not part of the second season, and his presence was missed. It was a fun, corny comedy in the first season, but the story changed in the second season, and the show just became ridiculous.

11. Ray Donovan

I don't even care if the move to NY did any good. The stories with his agonizingly dull and dimwitted family were overcooked three years ago. The move to New York could have set Ray right in the middle of an entirely new life with new circumstances, but the whole crew moved across country with him or something just so I couldn't tune in again.

12. Dynasty

The second season of Dynasty is awful. They revamped the series and got rid of two main characters. The first season was only decent, at best, so I was surprised when it was renewed for a second season, to begin with, and now, it's evident that they shouldn't have bothered.

13. Suits

Suits Season 8 started well enough, despite the loss of Mike and Rachel, but the constant fighting over nothing is wearing thin. It's recycling the same storylines over and over again, and it is well past being redundant. At this rate, not even Katherine Heigl can save it.

14. The Conners

The revived series should have just come to an end after Roseanne was booted. Regardless of personal feelings about the woman, the show was about Roseanne. Most people tuned in for Roseanne and The Conners, not the Conners without Roseanne, and killing off the character was stupid and rubbed people the wrong way.

15. The Blacklist

I love Raymond Reddington to death, but it's shocking that this show is still going on. There isn't a single plot or twist that isn't needlessly convoluted. They overcomplicate everything to keep it entertaining, but it ends up being frustrating more than anything else. Red is Red but he isn't really Red. The back and forth with the origin and nature of Elizabeth and Red's relationship is grating. Enough!

16. Shameless

Shameless used to be a fun, witty, and often shocking and unexpected series about a likable but dysfunctional family. However, now we're nine seasons into the series, and it's not the same anymore. It just isn't as funny or shocking as it used to be.

17. Designated Survivor

The crazy thing is Designated Survivor was rightfully canceled, but then it was one of the few shows (undeservedly) resuscitated. It found a new home at Netflix, which might help the series out, but it started losing steam by the end of the first season, and the second season was all over the place. What is the show even about anymore? It has identity issues, and it's difficult to follow. It should have stayed dead.

18. The Big Bang Theory

It was barely funny when it started and definitely considered an acquired taste, but it's nowhere near funny or enjoyable anymore. It's tiresome, but that's what happens when too many tropes are played up over and over again. The series has overstayed its welcome. It could have ended six seasons ago and still had a longer run than it deserved.

19. Supernatural

Everyone loves the Winchesters, but the fact of the matter is this series has already lasted almost three to five times longer than was planned and should have ended when Kripke left. It has run its course, and as far as storylines go, they are beating a dead horse with them. The series reached a hell of a milestone and solidified its legacy THREE seasons ago!

20. Will & Grace

The first revival season had some great moments, but the second season back might as well be called Will & Disgrace. It's not funny, and the writing is horrid. The nostalgic factor has lost its luster, and now it's just bad and needs to come to an end already.

21. Criminal Minds

There is such thing as too much of a good thing. This series has been on for a long time, and it has been great for most of that time, but why not end on a high note? It has had a nice, long, successful run. It's time for our favorite criminal profilers to sign off for good.

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