23 Most Headscratching Cancelations of 2018

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Two thousand eighteen is coming to an end and it has taken away a number of our favorite TV shows along with it. 

Some shows were canceled due to low ratings and others were axed because of issues with the network they were on. Whatever the case may be, many fandoms' hearts were broken when they heard the devastating news that their favorite show had come to an end. 

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There are a few cancelations TV Fanatics can stomach but these shows are not them. These shows deserved better. The characters' stories were far from over and fans were not ready to say goodbye just yet. 

So sit back and let's reflect on the TV cancelations of 2018 that made us question everything. 

And make sure to let us know which 2018 cancelation had you scratching your head the most. 

1. Shadowhunters (Freeform)

Shadowhunters (Freeform)
#SaveShadowhunters. That hashtag was trending for multiple days after Freeform canceled the show and announced Season 3 would be its last. Shadowhunters is extremely popular and filled with a ton of representation. It even beat out many other shows at the People's Choice Awards, dominating the television category. The cancelation made little to no sense given its dedicated and loyal fanbase. Some rumors have circulated stating it was canceled due to discrepancies between Netflix and Freeform and no one else can pick it up because they won’t give up the rights. The second half of Season 3 is coming next year, and they’re getting a two-episode wrap-up, but considering the number of stories the show had left to tell, it’s definitely not going to be an ending that will satisfy fans.

2. Everything Sucks! (Netflix)

Everything Sucks! (Netflix)
A lot of shows thrive on streaming services, but Everything Sucks! was not one of them. The show was perhaps ahead of its time, despite it taking place in the 90s. It had a similar vibe to the also underappreciated Freaks and Geeks. Netflix canceled Everything Sucks! less than two months after it was released due to not enough people streaming past the first episode. The problem was the show wasn't able to grow with viewers. If it was perhaps on a cable network, it might have gotten the chance to grow alongside its audience. The quick cancelation was a real shame, especially since one of its main characters was a part of the LGBT community. Peyton Kennedy's performance as Kate Messner alone is worth giving this quirky show a shot.

3. The Royals (E!)

The Royals (E!)
The E! Network only had two scripted dramas, and while the ratings for neither show were off the charts, The Royals had a very dedicated fanbase and a ton of story left to tell. The show had put the controversy surrounding show creator Mark Schwahn behind them ahead of Season 4. The fourth season delivered some of its best episodes yet and the Season 4 finale left viewers shocked and dismayed. The Henstridge family's drama was off the charts, and King Robert outwitted his family and came out on top. If E! gave the show one final season, The Royals could've gotten a proper ending, one where the evil son didn't win the crown.

4. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Let's face it, no one ever thought this show would end. For the longest time, The Big Bang Theory has been the sitcom everyone was watching and was all people talked about. While the popularity of The Big Bang Theory dwindled a little in the last few seasons, it still gets CBS some of its highest ratings. So when it was announced that Season 12 would be its last, it was a big blow for those who have been laughing along with Sheldon, Penny & Co. for twelve years. While it's sad to see these characters we've come to love to go, we'll get to see them again for years to come on syndication.

5. Ash vs. Evil Dead (Starz)

Ash vs. Evil Dead (Starz)
The Evil Dead film trilogy was a big success and attracted a cult following who were so loyal and dedicated to the franchise. Ash vs. Evil Dead generated a ton of buzz throughout its first season run, but the ratings suffered greatly by the time its third season aired. The Evil Dead series struck a perfect balance between humor and horror, and there was nothing else like it on television. Evil Dead fans attempted to save this unique franchise, but Bruce Campbell broke all their hearts when he announced Ash was officially retired.

6. Roseanne (ABC)

Roseanne (ABC)
Roseanne was a massive success when it returned to ABC after 11 years of being off the air. It was the highest rated sitcom of 2018, so that a renewal was basically a given. However, Roseanne Barr made some racist comments on Twitter, and before we knew it, ABC canceled Roseanne. It was a huge shock to everyone considering that Roseanne has said some questionable stuff in the past, without getting reprimanded for it. ABC decided it did not want to deal with any political backlash this time around and axed the beloved sitcom. Their choice to reboot the show without Roseanne with The Conners has not reflected well in the ratings, making many wonder if the network regrets its quick decision.

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