23 Most Headscratching Cancelations of 2018

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Two thousand eighteen is coming to an end and it has taken away a number of our favorite TV shows along with it. 

Some shows were canceled due to low ratings and others were axed because of issues with the network they were on. Whatever the case may be, many fandoms' hearts were broken when they heard the devastating news that their favorite show had come to an end. 

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There are a few cancelations TV Fanatics can stomach but these shows are not them. These shows deserved better. The characters' stories were far from over and fans were not ready to say goodbye just yet. 

So sit back and let's reflect on the TV cancelations of 2018 that made us question everything. 

And make sure to let us know which 2018 cancelation had you scratching your head the most. 

1. Shadowhunters (Freeform)

#SaveShadowhunters. That hashtag was trending for multiple days after Freeform canceled the show and announced Season 3 would be its last. Shadowhunters is extremely popular and filled with a ton of representation. It even beat out many other shows at the People's Choice Awards, dominating the television category. The cancelation made little to no sense given its dedicated and loyal fanbase. Some rumors have circulated stating it was canceled due to discrepancies between Netflix and Freeform and no one else can pick it up because they won’t give up the rights. The second half of Season 3 is coming next year, and they’re getting a two-episode wrap-up, but considering the number of stories the show had left to tell, it’s definitely not going to be an ending that will satisfy fans.

2. Everything Sucks! (Netflix)

A lot of shows thrive on streaming services, but Everything Sucks! was not one of them. The show was perhaps ahead of its time, despite it taking place in the 90s. It had a similar vibe to the also underappreciated Freaks and Geeks. Netflix canceled Everything Sucks! less than two months after it was released due to not enough people streaming past the first episode. The problem was the show wasn't able to grow with viewers. If it was perhaps on a cable network, it might have gotten the chance to grow alongside its audience. The quick cancelation was a real shame, especially since one of its main characters was a part of the LGBT community. Peyton Kennedy's performance as Kate Messner alone is worth giving this quirky show a shot.

3. The Royals (E!)

The E! Network only had two scripted dramas, and while the ratings for neither show were off the charts, The Royals had a very dedicated fanbase and a ton of story left to tell. The show had put the controversy surrounding show creator Mark Schwahn behind them ahead of Season 4. The fourth season delivered some of its best episodes yet and the Season 4 finale left viewers shocked and dismayed. The Henstridge family's drama was off the charts, and King Robert outwitted his family and came out on top. If E! gave the show one final season, The Royals could've gotten a proper ending, one where the evil son didn't win the crown.

4. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Let's face it, no one ever thought this show would end. For the longest time, The Big Bang Theory has been the sitcom everyone was watching and was all people talked about. While the popularity of The Big Bang Theory dwindled a little in the last few seasons, it still gets CBS some of its highest ratings. So when it was announced that Season 12 would be its last, it was a big blow for those who have been laughing along with Sheldon, Penny & Co. for twelve years. While it's sad to see these characters we've come to love to go, we'll get to see them again for years to come on syndication.

5. Ash vs. Evil Dead (Starz)

The Evil Dead film trilogy was a big success and attracted a cult following who were so loyal and dedicated to the franchise. Ash vs. Evil Dead generated a ton of buzz throughout its first season run, but the ratings suffered greatly by the time its third season aired. The Evil Dead series struck a perfect balance between humor and horror, and there was nothing else like it on television. Evil Dead fans attempted to save this unique franchise, but Bruce Campbell broke all their hearts when he announced Ash was officially retired.

6. Roseanne (ABC)

Roseanne was a massive success when it returned to ABC after 11 years of being off the air. It was the highest rated sitcom of 2018, so that a renewal was basically a given. However, Roseanne Barr made some racist comments on Twitter, and before we knew it, ABC canceled Roseanne. It was a huge shock to everyone considering that Roseanne has said some questionable stuff in the past, without getting reprimanded for it. ABC decided it did not want to deal with any political backlash this time around and axed the beloved sitcom. Their choice to reboot the show without Roseanne with The Conners has not reflected well in the ratings, making many wonder if the network regrets its quick decision.

7. Luke Cage (Netflix)

When Netflix canceled Iron Fist, no one was really that shocked as it was the weakest Marvel show on Netflix. Seven days later, Netflix canceled Luke Cage which left everyone stunned because now there was a pattern. Netflix was coming after our beloved Marvel shows. Unlike Iron Fist, Luke Cage had a loyal following and was the only Marvel superhero show to have a black leading man. The second season was well received, and the showrunners already announced plans for what was to come in Season 3. The axing of both Iron Fist and Luke Cage also meant a potential second season of Marvel's The Defenders would not be coming to fruition.

8. Code Black (CBS)

Code Black started a little rocky but came into its own by the time Season 2 rolled around. During an era of peak medical dramas, Code Black was the best character-focused triage-based medical drama on TV, and CBS didn't do well by it. The show had a star-studded cast and two very underappreciated lead actors in Marcia Gay Harden and Rob Lowe. Despite a dedicated fanbase, CBS pushed the shows Season 3 premiere well into the spring and then took forever to announce its cancelation. CBS initially provided some hope that they would perhaps bring it back or find it a new home, but nothing ever came of it. A disappointing outcome for a widely talented cast.

9. Good Behavior (TNT)

Some networks love to leave fans hanging, and TNT did just that with Good Behavior. Fronted by Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery, Good Behavior should've been a huge success. Yet for some reason, it wasn't a ratings hit. Good Behavior didn't get nearly as much exposure or press from TNT as it should have. It was solid programming and had a passionate fandom due to its unique concept. Spy-like dramas are rare on television, but Michelle Dockery and her castmates excelled at it. Its fandom didn't have high hopes that it would be renewed, but TNT's delay in announcing its cancelation gave them false hope, which only ended up breaking their hearts even more.

10. Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (ABC)

How can a show starring Jason Ritter not be a success? The unique premise might have scared a few people off at first, but the fans who stuck around instantly fell in love with Ritter's charm and wit. Despite being praised by fans and critics alike, ABC never attempted to help boost the ratings in any way. The show got stuck in the networks Tuesday at 10 p.m. death slot even though the Sunday night at 8 p.m. slot became available. Kevin (Probably) Saves The World was left to die a slow death on Tuesdays, and like most shows in that time slot before it, ABC gave it the ax. It was a very underappreciated series that stood out from everything else on network TV if only we had the chance to see Kevin save a few more souls.

11. Scorpion (CBS)

Ratings matter when it comes to CBS but that doesn't mean the cancelation of a beloved show still doesn't hurt. After four seasons, Scorpion was given the boot on CBS. Given the low ratings, it wasn't a complete surprise, but its ratings were better than a few other CBS shows like Elementary that did get renewed. Considering how passionate its fans were, it was shocking to see that it wasn't picked up by any other network. It was a smart, science-loving show that just didn't fit in with other programming on CBS.

12. Colony (USA Network)

Colony was one of the best science fiction dramas on TV in 2018, but changes in filming location and a brand-new time slot caused the critically acclaimed show to hit a snag in its sophomore season. Despite a decline in ratings, Colony had a star-studded cast that included TV veterans Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies and only got better as the show progressed. The dystopian drama was cut down in its prime with only three seasons, and fans were devastated. Colony diehards attempted to start a campaign to save the show, but they were unsuccessful. Worse yet, it ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the Bowman family's fate in question.

13. American Vandal (Netflix)

American Vandal's cancelation came completely from left field. The critically acclaimed mockumentary had just launched its second season a month before Netflix announced it had been canceled. The cancelation didn't make a ton of sense. Since the show first premiered, American Vandal has been praised by critics and fans alike. The mockumentary anthology series poked fun at all other true-crime documentary series Netflix produces. The second season could have had a sophomore slump, but it managed to deliver another season full of laughs and even addressed serious social issues. There was tons of potential for a third season, but Netflix decided not to move forward with it for reasons no one really knows.

14. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)

Unlike other shows on this list, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was thankfully saved by NBC after Fox canceled it but its initial cancelation had fans' jaws dropped. One of the smartest sitcoms on television, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been critically acclaimed since it first began. It even won a Golden Globe for Best Lead Actor and Best Comedy Show. Season 5 managed to be one of its best seasons yet and was one of Fox's only remaining live-action sitcoms left; it seemed like a guarantee that this popular sitcom would get a renewal. However, Fox looked to be moving in a different direction and swiftly axed Brooklyn Nine-Nine as its fifth season came to an end. If it wasn't for its dedicated and growing fanbase who took to social media to voice their desire to keep the show going, NBC might have never picked it up.

15. Quantico (ABC)

After a sophomore slump, Quantico's ratings took a real nose dive by the time Season 3 rolled around. ABC barely gave the show any promotion ahead of Season 3, that a lot of its fans didn't even know it had returned. It was a real shame because Quantico's third season was arguably its strongest. There was so much more potential left, and Priyanka Chopra continued to shine as Alex Parrish. She has become an even bigger star since the show's cancelation. Her wedding was covered by every entertainment news outlet and was trending on Twitter for multiple days. Her rise in stardom has left fans of the show wondering if Quantico might have seen a surge in its ratings if the show was given a fourth season.

16. Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)

Orange Is The New Black has been a successful show for many years now, and with such a vast array of characters, the show could have gone on for many more seasons. Orange Is The New Black has one of the strongest female casts in television history and has been nominated for multiple awards. Season 6 was one of its weaker seasons to date, but it was also one of Netflix's first shows, so it's understandable if Orange Is The New Black fans assumed Netflix would have held the show in higher regard. Yet, Orange Is The New Black was a victim of Netflix's 2018 purge and Season 7 will be its last. Considering the number of stories Piper, Crazy Eyes and friends have left to tell, fans are uncertain if one final season will do this beloved show justice.

17. The Arrangement (E!)

The Arrangement was unlike anything else on TV. It followed Kyle and Megan and their unconventional Hollywood romance. The show might've had more success had it been on another network. E!, the home of the Kardashians, wasn't know for its fictional programming and The Arrangement and The Royals ratings tanked because of it. More people should have seen the similarity between what was going on in The Arrangement and Scientology given the success of Leah Remini's show. Perhaps it would have had more eyeballs watching if E! was a little more committed to showcasing its scripted programs. A missed opportunity!

18. American Woman (Paramount Network)

Two thousand eighteen felt like the year of the strong woman getting kicked in the ass, and American Woman's cancelation was symbolic of that. The Alicia Silverstone-fronted drama was much deeper than anyone gave the show credit initially. It was advertised as a scripted version of The Real Housewives which turned a lot of people off since that series has an ad nauseam of spinoffs behind it. The show had some issues but the final few episodes of Season 1 were really starting to get good, and the show could have gotten even better with a second season.

19. Shooter (USA Network)

It's hard to find great, action-packed programming, especially during the summer but Shooter managed to fit the bill. It was one of the best, most thrilling series that summer programming had to offer. The ratings were decent enough, and it made absolutely no sense why the USA Network canceled it. It was a hit. It's hard to find a show that has action and heart, but Shooter did it exceptionally. Season 3 ended in such a tragic way that another season would've allowed Bob Lee Swagger to get some redemption for his wife and family. Shooter had guns, action, veterans, and Ryan Philippe? It doesn't get more American than that, so why would the USA Network cancel it?

20. Timeless (NBC)

Timeless has gone through the wringer at NBC. It was canceled after its freshman season but brought back to life a few months later for a second season. Yet, it was once again put out to pasture at the end of Season 2. Clockblockers refused to let their show die without a proper goodbye, eventually convincing NBC to give them a two-hour wrap movie that'll air this winter. Timeless was too smart for the networks and too expensive for cable or streaming. NBC continued to put it in slots where no fledgling show would prosper, despite its diehard fanbase.

21. UnREAL (Lifetime)

UnREAL's first season was super successful, and many critics applauded them for their fictional take on the world of reality TV. Yet, like many shows before them, UnReal suffered a sophomore slump and wasn't able to deliver in its second season. The show attempted to revitalize itself in Season 3, and while it still wasn't able to live up to the expectations its first season set, it was significantly better than the second. However, almost right after Season 3 concluded, Lifetime canceled the show in which it once invested so much time and money. Its fourth and final season was shuffled over to Hulu with little fanfare and the shows remaining fans were left to wonder what happened to Rachel and Quinn.

22. Lucifer (Fox)

Both of Fox's major cancelations managed to be saved due in large to such a dedicated and passionate fanbase. However, unlike Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which got saved within a matter of days, Lucifer's initial cancelation lasted a long while. It was never the highest rated show but its ratings were never poor either, and it was trending on Twitter every night it was on. That's why Fox's decision to ax it was all the more baffling. Lucifer has been consistently topping itself in terms of wackiness, and Tom Ellis continued to get better. Luckily both Lucifer fans and its cast fought hard to save the show, and now it can embrace its edgier side when it makes its debut on Netflix in 2019.

23. Daredevil (Netflix)

Ladies and gentleman, Marvel has left the building. On the heels of what many considered its best season yet, Netflix canceled Daredevil. This cancelation came just a month after fellow Marvel shows, Iron Fist and Luke Cage were canceled. Unlike most cancelations which revolve around ratings, Daredevil and company's cancelations seem to have occurred because of Disney Channel's upcoming streaming service being released in 2019. Putting aside whatever issues seem to be going on between Netflix and Disney, Daredevil and its cast deserved better. Wilson Bethel's portrayal of Dex in Season 3 was particularly outstanding, and it would have been fun to watch his transition into Bullseye in Season 4. Jessica Jones and The Punisher are the only two Marvel shows on Netflix left, and their cancelation is almost a certainty in 2019.

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