21 Underrated TV Couples That Deserve More Love

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Not every TV couple is given a fair shake. 

Some are overshadowed by other romances going on during the exact same time as theirs. Others are scrutinized because of the way they got together, or because they as a pairing are in the way of another couple ending up together. 

Then there are couples who weren't underappreciated by the fans, but by the show itself. 

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These couples don't deserve to be overlooked and mistreated. They are just as adorable and lovely as their mainstream counterparts.  

Now is their time to get the proper recognition they deserve! 

Take it in underrated TV couples, this is your moment to embrace the love and fanfare that you've been missing. Also, make sure to share your picks for the most underrated TV couples below. 

1. Klaus and Cami (The Originals)

Klaus and Cami (The Originals)
Poor Cami received so much unnecessary hate as soon as she was introduced in The Originals. Klaroline fans wanted Klaus to end up with Caroline so much that they weren't even willing to give Cami and Klaus a chance. When Cami and Klaus started to pursue a romantic relationship, Klaroline fans lost their minds. They were so upset about this coupling that they cyberbullied Leah Pipes. The worst thing was the show actually gave in to the fans crazy demands and killed off Cami. If Klaroline fans could've gotten over themselves for just a few minutes, they would've seen that Cami and Klaus were actually great together. She brought out his sweet and soft side while he helped her find her courage. If fans gave them a chance, their ending could've been much happier.

2. Phoebe and Mike (Friends)

Phoebe and Mike (Friends)
Between the folklore that is Ross and Rachel and Monica and Chandler, it was hard for Phoebe and Mike to compete. Despite being overshadowed by those more famous couples, Phoebe and Mike may be one of the most funloving couples in TV history. Mike embraced all of Phoebe's weird qualities and celebrated her unconventional upbringing. He was even willing to choose her over his own family after just a few months of dating. Seeing Phoebe, someone who earned a happy ending, finally get hers, was the best present fans could ask for. Ross and Rachel's relationship may have been the focal romance for Friends in the beginning, but Phoebe and Mike managed to be a much more endearing couple by the time the series ended.

3. Alex and Jessica (13 Reasons Why)

Alex and Jessica (13 Reasons Why)
Are Alex and Jessica the perfect couple? Absolutely not, but that doesn't mean they aren't good for each other. Sure, Alex screwed up after their first break up by putting her name on the infamous list, but he's apologized, she accepted and they moved on. Fans should too. They're teenagers and teenagers make a lot of mistakes. Alex's one mistake shouldn't officially deem him not good enough for Jess. Besides, Hannah and Clay obviously can't happen, and 13 Reasons Why needs a couple like Alex and Jess who have remarkable chemistry to help lighten the mood in this dark drama every once in a while.

4. Crosby and Jasmine (Parenthood)

Crosby and Jasmine (Parenthood)
Parenthood as a whole was underrated. The fact that the show was never nominated for an Emmy or Golden Globe is baffling. One of the couples that made the show so good was Crosby and Jasmine. The story of how their son who was conceived after a one night stand, but somehow brought the two of them together five years later was such a fun and compelling story. Crosby, Jasmine, and Jabar were the heart of the show. However, the family was featured less and less in the latter half of the series. Because their relationship was wrapped up in a nice little bow, they weren't getting as much screen time as the other couples on the show. This led to a lot of fans forgetting about them by the time Parenthood wrapped. Crosby and Jasmine deserved better. Their love story is one for the ages.

5. Shawn and Angela (Boy Meets World)

Shawn and Angela (Boy Meets World)
It's almost impossible to not be overshadowed by the legend that is Cory and Topanga. First loves who met when they were kids and are still together today ... how can anyone compete with that? Shawn and Angela may not be on the same level, but they shouldn't be disregarded. The two had undeniable chemistry, and Angela brought out a new side of BMW's residential playboy Shawn Hunter. She helped the troubled teen learn to love and trust like he never had before. Sure, they had their troubles, and unlike Cory and Topanga, weren't able to last after college, but they were each other's first loves and should be celebrated.

6. Ravi and Peyton (iZombie)

Ravi and Peyton (iZombie)
Liv and Major may be the on again/off again relationship iZombie revolves around, but Ravi and Peyton have always been the backbone of the show. The two of them are a prime example of what real love looks like. However, a number of iZombie fans want Peyton to be with Blaine. The only problem with that coupling is the good girl and bad boy dynamic has been done to death! Besides, Blaine doesn't deserve Peyton. Ravi treats Peyton like a queen and gives her the support she needs whenever she needs it. Blaine and Peyton may have physical chemistry, but Ravi and Peyton are the couple that everyone should be rooting for.

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