23 Couples Who Kept Their Relationship On the DL

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Usually, there's a fairly complicated reason why two people on television can't be together. 

While it can be because of underlying problems, it's often because of outside forces.

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Dating a certain someone could easily put your job in jeopardy, hurt a close friend, or even stir up talk that you don't want to deal with.

We created a slideshow of 23 couples who kept their relationship on the DL!

1. Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jake and Amy's secret didn't last long. As soon as they decided to keep their new relationship under wraps, their boss walked in and suffered a heart attack after seeing them kiss. That's not easy to explain.

2. Ben and Leslie - Parks and Recreation

Ben and Leslie - Parks and Recreation
Ben and Leslie couldn't date because they worked together, but the bigger problem was that it could turn into a scandal and hurt Leslie's campaign for city council. They eventually decided to tell everyone the truth because, despite everything, they were miserable without each other.

3. June and Nick - The Handmaid's Tale

June and Nick - The Handmaid's Tale
June is only allowed to be touched by the commander and is forbidden to be in any type of relationship. The penalty is death, so June and Nick really put it all out on the line. But they had to hold on to their feelings for each other as they're relationship is one of the only lights in what has become a dark world for both of them.

4. Annie and Gregg - Good Girls

Annie and Gregg - Good Girls
Gregg was cheating on his wife, so Annie and Gregg's reason for being on the DL was kind of horrible. But it's hard to deny that the two have insane chemistry, and if they weren't so dishonest, we would be totally on board.

5. Winston and Aly - New Girl

Winston and Aly - New Girl
Well, this didn't last long. Winston and Aly tried to keep their relationship a secret since it was against the rules of the police department, but they're both the least subtle people ever.

6. Doug and Carol - ER

Doug and Carol - ER
What's more entertaining than a couple who tries to keep their relationship a secret? When all of their friends have a bet going on about when they'll come out and admit it.

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