31 Lethal Couples You Don't Want To Cross

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Taking on one skilled fighter is hard enough, even more so when you have to take on two who are fighting not just for the safety of others, but for each other also. 

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It can sometimes be a distraction to have a loved one there whom you're always watching out for but these lot have total trust in each other's abilities to handle themselves in a fight; in whatever form it comes.

This gives them an added clarity of mind seldom seen in lone fighters. If that is a good or bad thing depends on which side of their fists you're on. Without further ado, let's count down our favorite couples you'd do well to steer clear of in a fight.

1. Lorna and Marcos (The Gifted)

Lorna and Marcos (The Gifted)
With just a touch, these lovebirds can conjure up a miniature version of the most beautiful phenomenon you'll ever see -- the aurora borealis. What are the chances that out of all the mutants out there, they'd find and fall in love with each other? It's fate, you guys. But those same abilities that produce that amazing sight can be utilized to devastating effect. Just ask all the Sentinel agents that have stood in their way.

2. Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe (Legends Of Tomorrow)

Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe (Legends Of Tomorrow)
What started off as a slightly antagonistic relationship quickly turned into the best love story this show has ever done. Sure, the bar isn't that high, but it doesn't take away from the euphoric feeling you experience when watching these two lay the hurt on the baddies.

3. Mon-El and Imra (Supergirl)

Mon-El and Imra (Supergirl)
Sci-Fi shows constantly play it fast and loose with the mechanics of time travel, but one thing that has remained consistent is how often it gives birth to complicated relationships. After Mon-El left Earth to escape Lead poisoning, he fell into a wormhole into the future where he married Imra -- a fellow member of The Legion. They returned to the present where their fighting skills were put to good use taking down the Worldkillers.

4. Sameen Shaw and Root (Person Of Interest)

Sameen Shaw and Root (Person Of Interest)
Shaw is an expert in a myriad of martial arts techniques and has taken down bad guys three times her size. Root, while not at the same level physically, can ruin your whole life with the press of a button.

5. Hermione and Hiram Lodge (Riverdale)

Hermione and Hiram Lodge (Riverdale)
It's a shame watching Hiram descend to such petty levels, expending significant resources trying to kill a teenage boy. Yet, somehow Archie keeps getting away, which kind of dampens the effect of the knowledge of how deep Hiram's mob ties run. But before he got out of prison, Hermione was the Armani-clad puppet master gracefully pulling the strings from behind her Gucci curtains, or whichever brand is the top dog in the curtain-making game these days.

6. Tulip and Jesse (Preacher)

Tulip and Jesse (Preacher)
To call Tulip and Jesse's relationship complicated would be the understatement of the year but they always have each other's backs whatever comes their way. Long may it continue.

7. Kory and Dick (Titans)

Kory and Dick (Titans)
These two initially only found common ground in their desire to protect Rachel but sparks flew not long after, along with a mutual respect for the other person's ability to kick some serious butt. Kory's recently recovered memories threw a wrench in the works but we don't see her turning against Dick and the rest of the team.

8. Sun and Detective Mun (Sense8)

Sun and Detective Mun (Sense8)
When Sun went on the run from the authorities, it was Mun who finally caught up to her, and she kinda let him. Of course, he later got on the side of the good guys and, together with Sun, helped them beat a bunch of goons senseless.

9. Kahlan & Richard (Legend Of The Seeker)

Kahlan & Richard (Legend Of The Seeker)
It took a while for Richard to get up to speed on how the sword of truth works but he eventually got the hang of it and quickly became one of the best swordsmen around. Kahlan was already proficient with her pair of Sai since before we met her for the first time, and she only got better with each episode.

10. Elizabeth and Philip Jennings (The Americans)

Elizabeth and Philip Jennings (The Americans)
The Jennings are anything but a conventional family. They might look and act like the cute family next-door but one thing you don't want to do is cross them, or threaten to expose their true identities because none of them has any problem painting the walls with human brains.

11. Aang and Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Aang and Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
The avatar is the ultimate defender, and Aang proved as much by going toe-to-toe with the fire lord Ozai. Katara had to contend with the aggressive fire-bending prodigy that is Azula and both of them came out on top.

12. Bobo and Fiji (Midnight, Texas)

Bobo and Fiji (Midnight, Texas)
Bobo, despite being a human, is probably the best hand-to-hand fighter amongst our group of misfits. Fiji, on the other hand, is not as physically gifted, but she doesn't need to be. All she has to do is stick a pin through a voodoo doll's head and you'd be dead. All from the comfort of her couch.

13. Danny Rand and Colleen Wing (Iron Fist)

Danny Rand and Colleen Wing (Iron Fist)
With the second season finale showing Colleen utilizing the power of The Iron Fist to great effect, and Danny acquiring a couple of cool new weapons, it was shaping up to be an exciting third season -- hopes that were quickly dashed by Netflix. Regardless, in the time they were together on screen, they owned every adversary that came their way.

14. Josie and Penelope (Legacies)

Josie and Penelope (Legacies)
Everyone with eyes can see the electric chemistry between these two. Sure, Penelope is a bit self-centered, but she is exactly what Josie needs at this time -- Someone who can teach her to prioritize her own happiness. With both of them possessing the abilities that come with being witches (and a bit more in Josie's case), trying to split them is going to come with a few painful lessons for the unfortunate interloper. Now, we've only got to join hands at the altar of the CW gods and pray that they never revisit that love triangle storyline ever again.

15. Scott and Malia (Teen Wolf)

Scott and Malia (Teen Wolf)
Whatever your opinion is on Scott's relationship with Malia, it doesn't counter the fact that these two could do some serious damage, and they did. It's not every day you run into a werewolf and werecoyote pairing.

16. Rick and Michonne (The Walking Dead)

Rick and Michonne (The Walking Dead)
You don't survive the zombie apocalypse for this long without being able to defend yourself. Michonne, unlike Rick, has a preference for her trusty Katana over firearms but that doesn't mean the number of zombies she has dropped is any less impressive.

17. Lagertha and Heahmund (Vikings)

Lagertha and Heahmund (Vikings)
Their romance may be the forbidden kind but that has done nothing to deter these two expert killers. If anything, it's only made it so much hotter. Plus, if anyone dared stand in their way, they'd simply cut through the whole lot of them.

18. Jennifer and Khalil (Black Lightning)

Jennifer and Khalil (Black Lightning)
Putting aside Jen's recent streak of dimwittedness for a minute, her pairing with Khalil is quite the combo. I mean, the guy enjoys being called Painkiller, and she is capable of generating enough energy to light up a small village. Cutter will definitely have second thoughts next time she's hired to kill or track them down.

19. Freya and Keelin (The Originals)

Freya and Keelin (The Originals)
One of the few healthy relationships you'd ever see in a world that Klaus has existed in, and that's saying something considering their first meeting was when Freya kidnapped Keelin and tortured her in a dilapidated building. Keelin is a werewolf who has managed to suppress the painful parts of her curse but retained all the perks and Freya, a pretty powerful witch in her own right with a plethora of spells in her arsenal are a couple to be reckoned with, even by the standards of the world they live in.

20. Wynonna and Doc Holliday (Wynonna Earp)

Wynonna and Doc Holliday (Wynonna Earp)
Doc is as precise as they come with a gun from any distance. Wynonna, while not as accurate, is just as dangerous and is a much better hand-to-hand combatant. Together they have sent countless revenants back to hell.

21. Nico and Karolina (Marvel's Runaways)

Nico and Karolina (Marvel's Runaways)
The relationship that blindsided everyone, but that is probably because of how well they set Chase up as a red herring. Nico is still getting to grips with the workings of her staff but she has proven to be a fast learner, and Karolina is part alien, or whatever it is Jonah is.

22. Cookie and Lucious Lyon (Empire)

Cookie and Lucious Lyon (Empire)
Lucious has been in bed with extremely shady people for a long time and managed to rope Cookie into his world so much that she took the fall for him and went to prison. The only silver lining to that whole mess, if anything, is the added connections they have with even more shady people who are ever ready to kill on command. For a price, of course.

23. Tilda and Odessa (Into The Badlands)

Tilda and Odessa (Into The Badlands)
When they first met, Tilda was blindly loyal to her mother -- The Widow -- and her cause. Odessa was one of the many "freed" cogs who swarmed into the widow's ever-welcoming arms. She started from the bottom, but now she's here kicking a lot of clipper butt. Plus, she's all boo'd up with Tilda and attacking The Widow's supply trucks. But there is no cause for alarm because it's all for noble reasons.

24. Olivia and Lem (Midnight, Texas)

Olivia and Lem (Midnight, Texas)
Lem is not your everyday vampire because he can forego blood and sustain himself solely off the energy he leeches off other living creatures. He went through a brief spell as a human but he is back to his old self now. Olivia, meanwhile, is a gun for hire and a very good one at that. Put together, this pair makes one killer team. Literally.

25. Baldwin and Clare (Counterpart)

Baldwin and Clare (Counterpart)
No one has figured out how Baldwin managed to be so damn lovable despite her being groomed from a young age to kill on command, with no questions asked. Clare is more versed in the espionage aspect of things, a skill she has used to amazing effect. Together, they can be quite the team if they can stop trying to manipulate or stab each other in the back.

26. Gannicus and Saxa (Spartacus: War Of The Damned)

Gannicus and Saxa (Spartacus: War Of The Damned)
After the death of Melitta, Gannicus returned to his binge-drinking and philandering ways until he met Saxa who matched him all the way. Them getting together didn't really make any one of them to quit the binge-drinking but when they were on the field of battle, no one slaughtered Roman soldiers as viciously as they did.

27. Maggie and Parker (Charmed)

Maggie and Parker (Charmed)
A third of the charmed ones coupled with a half-demon could be quite the pair if there weren't so many things working against them, not least of which is the distrust Maggie has for a guy that has lied to and manipulated her from the jump. That major obstacle aside, there would be no couple more badass. Well, unless Mel gets with Jada, but that is a can of worms on its own because NICO!

28. Oliver and Felicity (Arrow)

Oliver and Felicity (Arrow)
These two barely need an introduction these days. They're either the couple you so badly want to stay together or the two people you can no longer stand to see making out, or getting into a fight, making up and then making out on your screen. Felicity basically invented the hilarious hacking you see in the Arrowverse, but that is only to show you how vast her skills with a computer are. She can hack your room heater or something and cook you to death right there in your living room. Oliver used to be a modern-day Robin Hood even if he's less murdery these days and much less charitable.

29. Joe and Chuy Strong (Midnight, Texas)

Joe and Chuy Strong (Midnight, Texas)
A fallen angel and a half-demon living as a married couple. Don't let the fact that they are the most soft-spoken couple in all of Midnight fool you because these two can clear out an entire town without breaking a sweat. Now, if only Joe could stop cheating on his husband, that'd be nice.

30. Jake and Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Jake and Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
This ship took a while to set sail, but with the benefit of hindsight, we wouldn't have it any other way. The two of them only make up a tiny portion of the long arm of the law, but these two alone have been the ones pulling the 9-9 with the number of arrests they've made so far and you better believe more than a few criminals have had to be gunned down. All legally of course.

31. Jon and Daenerys (Game Of Thrones)

Jon and Daenerys (Game Of Thrones)
Depending on how the final season unfolds, these two can be the power couple to end all power couples. Jon is also of Targaryen blood, which means mounting his own dragon is a possibility. We've seen how destructive Drogon alone can be, let alone with Rhaego and a rider. Besides that, Jon is one of the finest, if not the best swordsman in Westeros.

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