23 Seemingly Unlikable Characters Who Won Our Hearts

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You know what they say, don't judge a book by its cover.

Although a character may start out as rather obnoxious or annoying, sometimes their story just hasn't had a chance to be told.

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There's always more than meets the eye, and watching a character develop can be one of the best parts of a series.

We created a slide show below of 23 seemingly unlikable characters who won our hearts! 

1. Conrad Hawkins - The Resident

He may have seemed like an asshole at the beginning of the show, but Conrad is really the most loveable doctor in the world. All he does is care for others and save lives, and he looks good doing it.

2. John Murphy - The 100

Murphy was the worst in the first season of The 100. In fact, there were times we wanted him gone. But as the show went on, he became not only the comedic relief but a person who puts others over himself.

3. Ava Jalali - PLL: The Perfectionists

She's not the privileged and carefree girl she first appeared to be when she was introduced in Alison's classroom. It turns out that Ava is a complex character who works hard to pave her own path in life. In fact, she's arguably the best character on The Perfectionists.

4. Klaus Hargreeves - The Umbrella Academy

He may have seemed off at the beginning of the series, but Klaus had a good reason for the way he acted. He's the best part of The Umbrella Academy and he deserves all the love and happiness in the world.

5. Cheryl Blossom - Riverdale

Cheryl was Riverdale's resident mean girl. And she kind of still is more or less. But Cheryl is also unique, fun, and her one-liners are absolutely hilarious. She has more depth than any of the other characters combined and she's the most interesting thing about the show.

6. Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy

Alex was an asshole for seasons and there's no denying it. But after a lot of character development, he became an amazing doctor, a loving husband, and Meredith's best friend.

7. Klaus Mikaelson - The Originals

Klaus was the big bad of The Vampire Diaries. In fact, seasons of the show was devoted to finding a way to kill him. But Klaus was a lot deeper than he was originally portrayed and his comedic undertones and love for Caroline turned him into a desirable character. So much so, that he even got his own spinoff.

8. Dina Fox - Superstore

Did anyone else find Dina mean and annoying for the entire first season? Well, she kind of was. But as Superstore progressed, Dina became a hilarious addition to the show who always has her friends' backs.

9. Killian Jones - Once Upon a Time

Killian Jones or "Captain Hook" was a villain and antagonist when he first appeared on Once Upon a Time. However, his love for Emma and desire to atone for his past made him want to be a better man. He succeeded drastically and ended becoming more selfless than most of the "good guys" combined.

10. Steve Winchell - The OA

This show is complicated, to say the least, but Steve's redemption is a big part of it. He's always just been looking for someone to care about him and show him how to be a good person.

11. Tahani Al Jamil - The Good Place

In the words of Eleanor Shellstrop "what a condescending bench!" Well, actually, she was kind of wrong. While Tahani is a bit entitled and extra, she's a genuinely good person and an amazing character. So much so that she even married Jason just so he wouldn't be struggling for money. She is 100% deserving of the Good Place.

12. Steve Harrington - Stranger Things

Steve has had an amazing amount of character development throughout Stranger Things' two seasons. He somehow ended up becoming the "mom friend" to the kids and is always looking out for them.

13. Helen Sharpe - New Amsterdam

At first glance, Helen comes off as an arrogant character who only cares about fame and being noticed. But the more you get to know her, the more you see just how empathetic and caring she is.

14. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead

Everyone who watches The Walking Dead can agree just how amazing Daryl is. But he wasn't always that way, and it took a while for the audience to appreciate the person he came to be.

15. Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf

Lydia Martin's development on Teen Wolf single-handedly blows all the other characters' journeys out of the water. She may have pretended to be dumb and ditzy, but she ended up being a literal genius and one of the most selfless characters on television.

16. Justin Foley - 13 Reasons Why

It almost feels as if Season 1 Justin and Season 2 Justin are two different people. While nothing can ever excuse what happened in the first season, he's working hard to atone for his sins. Justin has become a much person who just wants to do the right thing.

17. Chase Stein - Marvel's Runaways

When we met Chase, he was ditching Gert who was offering to help him study, and going to a party to let off some steam. However, he ended up saving Karolina from being raped at that outing and always puts his life on the line to help his friends.

18. Rafael Solano - Jane the Virgin

Rafael's growth on Jane the Virgin has been incredible. No matter who you want Jane with, there's no question just how far he's come.

19. Simon Bellamy - Misfits

Simon may have started out as a bit weird and creepy, but his evolution is incredible. He went from being an outsider to a person who would put his own life on the line for his friends.

20. Rio - Good Girls

When we first met Rio he was pointing a gun at the girls' heads. And well, he still does that on occasion. Although he may talk big, he's actually softer than he appears, and always comes through for Beth when she needs him.

21. Mickey Milkovich - Shameless

Mickey spent most of his life being misunderstood and abused. It comes as no surprise that he acted out the way that he did. But as the show goes on, he is able to grow from his struggles and becomes an outstanding character.

22. Khal Drogo - Game of Thrones

He starts off as a war-crazed horse lord, but once Danerys stands up to him, he comes to love and respect her. Drogo ends up giving Danerys the confidence she needs to rule her people, and he is dearly missed.

23. Tyler Lockwood - The Vampire Diaries

Tyler was pretty much the worst at the beginning of The Vampire Diaries. But once he was bitten by a werewolf, his entire life turned upside down. He learned what it was like to be a team player, and ended up putting others before himself.

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