23 TV Families We'd Like to Spend the Holidays With

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Who hasn't wanted to jump into a television Christmas special or episode purely for the awesome decor, gorgeous destination, and perfect family?

Just in time for the most stressful, errr... wonderful time of the year, we've collected the 23 loveliest television households we could think of to spend your winter festival of choice with!

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From futuristic interstellar adventures to the halls of Downton Abbey, winter holidays bring out the very best (eventually) in the families of the TV-verse.

So whether you're looking for a family full of laughs or some quiet moments of camaraderie or just a really amazing house with a kick-ass tree to sit next to, they're all here.

No word of a lie, I've always thought my family Christmases would benefit from a better soundtrack and a well-timed laugh track.

1. The Winchesters -- Supernatural

The Winchesters -- Supernatural
It would taken some heavenly intervention to get this clan together for the holidays but it would be a helluva party, don't you think?

2. The Johnsons -- black-ish

The Johnsons -- black-ish
This is a family that throws a great party and, despite their differences, they have an awesome sense of togetherness that buoys the holiday spirit.

3. The Plunketts -- Mom

The Plunketts -- Mom
It would be kid-friendly punch and sodas all around but Bonnie and Christy still have a joyful time when they celebrate with their program family (and Adam). Shenanigans guaranteed.

4. The Coopers -- Young Sheldon

The Coopers -- Young Sheldon
Some time-travelling required but you know Mary Cooper would have an amazing meal ready and MeeMaw would keep things interesting. Just don't sit in Sheldon's Spot.

5. The Vera Sisters -- Charmed (2018)

The Vera Sisters -- Charmed (2018)
You know that any holiday celebration in the Vera house is gonna be... wait for it... MAGICAL.

6. The McCords -- Madam Secretary

The McCords -- Madam Secretary
Whether they spend the Yule in Washington D.C. or upstate somewhere, the McCords as a unit exemplify the love and stress and joy and fury of a typical family. If typical families came with Secret Service bodyguards.

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