27 Young Old Married Couples

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You don't have to be an old married couple to act like one. 

All you really need to do is end up at each other's throats, while also being overly concerned about each other's well being. 

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Some relationships on television play the part up for laughs, and with others, it just comes naturally. 

We've created a slideshow below of 27 young old married couples! 

1. Damon and Bonnie - The Vampire Diaries

We're still Team Bamon for life. Damon and Bonnie bickered constantly, but at the end of the day, they loved each other and were best friends. And we can't forget that when they were stuck in another dimension they read the newspaper and did crossword puzzles together. Can you get any more domestic?

2. Raj and Howard - The Big Bang Theory

Raj and Howard acting like an old married couple is a running gag on The Big Bang Theory. If we're being honest, we're surprised they ended up marrying other people instead of each other.

3. Mac and Dennis - It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia

Sometimes we forget that Mac and Dennis are roommates and not husbands who live together. They've even been called out by other characters for acting like an old married couple in the past.

4. Joey and Chandler - Friends

At the end of the day, Joey and Chandler will always be each other's true love. They lived together and even had two kids: a chick and a duck. You can't get much more married than that.

5. Michael and Maria - Roswell, New Mexico

Michael and Maria act like they've known each other for a century. When they're not bickering and acting like they want to rip each other's heads off, they're kissing and being the softest people on the planet. Somehow, it's an adorable mix.

6. Winston and Schmidt - New Girl

Winston and Schmidt's relationship was one of the highlights of New Girl. They already lived together, and they were always bickering with each other over the strangest things.

7. Lily and Marshall - How I Met Your Mother

Lily and Marshall acted like an old married couple in a more conventional way. While they didn't argue often, they participated in more subdued activities. When they weren't out playing Bingo, they were sitting on the couch in their snuggies.

8. Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Amy are married, but they've only been husband and wife for a year. They're extremely loving and tender with each other, but they also have no trouble showing their angry and more competitive side. Jake and Amy are the best of both worlds.

9. Sam and Diane - Cheers

Sam and Diane are the OG old married couple. Their banter and hilarious interactions made them stand out from other couples at the time, and they're still one of our favorite pairings to this day.

10. Dan and Blair - Gossip Girl

Dan and Blair weren't just two people who got on each other's nerves. They were also two intellectuals who enjoyed talking about literature, film, and art. We wish they would have stuck together to see what they would have acted like when they actually were an old married couple.

11. Lucifer and Chloe - Lucifer

Chloe's everyday annoyance with Lucifer mixed with his witty attitude makes it seem like they've been married for years. Chloe is so over his arrogance, yet she loves him anyway.

12. Penelope and Schneider - One Day at a Time

Now that One Day at a Time has been saved, we have hope that Penelope and Schneider may finally become something more. But they already act like a married couple anyway, so we'd be okay if they didn't make things official.

13. Stiles and Lydia - Teen Wolf

Stiles and Lydia went from hot to cold fast. They were either rolling their eyes and arguing over useless things, or holding hands and tenderly proclaiming their love for each other. There's really no in-between.

14. Oswald and Edward - Gotham

Oswald and Edward are a bit too possessive of each other. Sometimes, it feels like they really are together and they've just been married in secret this entire time. The best way to describe the relationship between them is just by saying they're a pretty domestic pair.

15. Kara and Mon-El - Supergirl

Kara and Mon-El acted like they'd known each other for 50 years. Their banter was extremely comedic and added something special to the show, and they were also more comfortable around each other than they were around anyone else.

16. Jackson and Mark - Grey's Anatomy

Jackson and Mark's relationship, otherwise known as, "The Plastics Posse" was a more lighthearted aspect to Grey's Anatomy. Derek even made fun of Mark when he admitted that Jackson broke his heart.

17. Spencer and Danny - The King of Queens

Spencer and Danny are the epitome of an old married couple. They would get angry if someone was late for supper, they would get jealous if someone was spending too much time with other people, and there was even a time when they willingly shared a bed.

18. House and Wilson - House

House and Wilson were hands-down the best bromance on the show. We wouldn't have been surprised to find out the two had been secretly dating the entire series. It was more surprising that they weren't.

19. Sam and Callen - NCIS: Los Angeles

Almost every character on NCIS has called Sam and Callen a married couple. Even the people who just met them took notice of their interesting dynamic right away.

20. Melissa and Joey - Melissa & Joey

Melissa and Joey acted like two parents who could never get along. They always laughed at the other's expense, but they ended up being a perfect match.

21. Amy and Jonah - Superstore

Even before Amy and Jonah were dating they acted like they had been married for decades. They often rant to each other, get into petty disagreements, and their co-worker even referred to Jonah as Amy's "work husband."

22. Mina and AJ - The Resident

Mina and AJ are the dynamic duo of the hospital, but their relationship goes beyond work. In addition to the nicknames and constant banter, they always support each other through tough times.

23. Helen and Max - New Amsterdam

Max may be married with a newborn baby, but it's easy to forget that it's not Helen he's married to. The two have a supportive relationship and are obviously comfortable enough to poke fun at each other.

24. Dean and Castiel - Supernatural

Supernatural may be about to come to an end, but we'll never give up hope. Dean and Castiel already act like they're married, so it would be nice if Supernatural acted on their chemistry during the final season.

25. Bronn and Tyrion - Game of Thrones

It's no secret that Game of Thrones doesn't fall under the comedy genre. But there was something about Bronn and Tyrion's interactions that always managed to make us laugh. If there was one old married couple on Game of Thrones, it's them.

26. Steve and Danny - Hawaii Five-0

Steve and Danny are more married than actual spouses are. Everyone makes fun of them for their close, yet banter-filled relationship and refer to them as a married couple. They've even ended up bickering in front of a serial killer.

27. Tori and André - Victorious

Tori and André did everything together. There really wasn't an episode that didn't feature them hanging out. They had no problem telling each other when they were in the wrong, but they were also far more comfortable together than most friends are. It's hard to believe that they've only known each other for a year or two.

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