28 Gorgeous Photos of Blair Waldorf

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Long live Blair Waldorf!

We honor the Gossip Girl character in this photo montage.

1. Blair Waldorf Wedding Gown

Blair Waldorf Wedding Gown
Blair Waldorf's wedding gown, as seen on the set of Gossip Girl! What a beautiful bride she will be ...

2. Blair Waldorf Wedding Dress Reloaded!

Blair Waldorf Wedding Dress Reloaded!
Blair Waldorf's wedding dress isn't white this time, but it is beautiful.

3. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf Picture

Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf Picture
Chuck and Blair in an emotional scene from the fifth season finale of Gossip Girl. "The Return of the Ring" airs May 14, 2012.

4. Do You, Blair Waldorf ...

Do You, Blair Waldorf ...
Blair is just moments away from being a princess! Quick, someone object!

5. Miss Blair Waldorf

Miss Blair Waldorf
Blair Waldorf in the Gossip Girl Season Three finale "Last Tango, Then Paris." We're looking forward to the episode, big time.

6. Beautiful Blair Waldorf

Beautiful Blair Waldorf
Is Blair Waldorf ready to recapture the magic that made her our most beloved character, or is she changing for good?

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