41 TV Characters With Slamming Hot Bods

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Most everyone enjoys some eye candy on their television screens from time to time.

It makes watching television a lot more fun, doesn't it?

And if they have a body to die for, well, that makes our favorite shows even more pleasurable to watch,

Whether they're fully clothed or half naked, here are 41 TV characters whose bodies make us blush.

Who makes you drool? Hit the comments and let us know!

1. Lexi - Blood & Treasure

This woman has the body of a goddess. Her backside alone deserves a blood sacrifice.

2. Danny - Grand Hotel

He's mysterious, on a mission, and sizzling hot. If Danny jumped into the pool to save us as he did with Alicia, we wouldn't complain. Heck, we'd float upside down every time we knew he was around just to get a glimpse of those delicious abs.

3. Eddie - 9-1-1

Who doesn't agree that firefighters are powerful human aphrodisiacs? Just looking at Eddie's exquisite arms (and every other part of him) sends us to a special place in hell.

4. Catwoman - Batman

With her skintight suit and her wicked whip, we can't help but purr at Catwoman's staggering sexiness. No wonder Batman can't look away.

5. Danny - Blood & Treasure

Danny steams up our screen whether he's dressed or not. And the hotness that goes along with a man stepping out of a shower with nothing on but a towel drives us crazy with desire.

6. Sara - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Yowza! Sara Lance has got to be the hottest woman on television. She's a badass with a badass body, and we love every inch of her.

7. Lucifer - Lucifer

This devil will tempt you in many ways and sometimes it's impossible to resist any of his charms. But when he's got a body like this? We'd sell our soul any day.

8. The Countess - American Horror Story

The Countess is an evil woman who has more lovers than we could ever imagine. And with her delicious body who can blame anyone for wanting to get down and dirty with this temptress?

9. Craig - Animal Kingdom

Guys with long hair? Oh yeah! Guys with impeccable pecs? Oh yeah. Guys with awesome tattoos? Oh yeah! Craig is an all-around hottie we'd lie around the beach all day watching.

10. Bradford - The Rookie

Underneath all that armor is a man who sends our hearts racing. He's a beautiful man with a beautiful body. Just look at those arms!

11. Magnum - Magnum P.I.

Dear Mr. Magnum: We have a case that needs your immediate assistance. It involves people who can't stop fantasizing about hot private eyes coming out of a shower with nothing on but a towel. Can you help us?

12. Cookie - Empire

Well, hello there, Cookie. With a body like yours, you can slap us around anytime.

13. Buck - 9-1-1

Buck is a self-proclaimed sex addict, and the way we think about him probably makes us sex addicts, too. Of the mental kind, of course.

14. Archie - Riverdale

Run, Archie, Run. Run right into our arms, and we'll wipe all that gleaming sweat off your glorious chest. Tongue or towel is your choice.

15. Jackson - Grey's Anatomy

If only doctors examined us the way Dr. Jackson is dressed now. Sure, the waiting rooms would be packed, and it'd take forever to get an appointment, but it would be well worth the wait.

16. Travis - Station 19

All firefighters should be required to wear suspenders without shirts. Not while fighting fires, of course. But when everything's quiet, and they're hanging around the station, it should be a necessary part of their civic duty to us.

17. Erik - Hanna

Erik is a kickass dad who likes to kick ass to protect his ultra badass daughter. But all we want to do is haul ass to wherever he's hiding and have an all-nighter with him and his magnificent hotness.

18. Olivia - Midnight, Texas

Lem is a lucky man to have Olivia by his side. She's a scrumptious badass with a badass body.

19. Diggle - Arrow

Diggle's muscles are the creme de la creme of the superhero scene. Have you ever seen anything so spectacular?

20. Izzy - Shadowhunters

Izzy is smart, beautiful, and sexy. And she's a badass. Four perfect reasons to dream about her night and day.

21. Dean - Supernatural

Who doesn't enjoy a little Dean Winchester eye candy? Not us. And we're not embarrassed about it either.

22. Roller - Claws

Gangsters are all kinds of hot, and Roller is no exception. We'll take him over, under, sideways, down, or any other way he decided to come before us.

23. McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0

There should be a law against hot cops titillating us with their hot bods on the beach. Seeing McGarrett like this should be a crime.

24. Daryl - The Walking Dead

Is there anyone else you'd rather save you from psycho zombies than Daryl? We didn't think so. But while we admire his superb zombie killing skills, it's his heavenly hot bod we admire most of all.

25. Desna - Claws

Desna has a way with words, but the only words we have for her is wowza! Sexy and smart with a sensational body, she gets us all hot and bothered.

26. Oliver - Arrow

Oliver Queen can save the world as often as he'd like, but we need him to save us from all the naughty thoughts we have when we see him flashing his fabulous hot bod.

27. Andre - Empire

Despite all of Andre's problems, he obviously has no problem tantalizing us with his incredibly hot bod. How long can we stare at him? We'll get back to you.

28. Jace - Shadowhunters

What can we say about Jace? He has the body of a god. Any arguments?

29. Debbie - GLOW

Who wouldn't want to get body-slammed by this gorgeous woman? It doesn't matter what color outfit she wears, but the hot pink one is our favorite.

30. Shadow - American Gods

Shadow Moon sends us over the moon with his irresistible abs. Could anyone be more perfect?

31. Sam - Supernatural

Sam is our quintessential fantasy. He's better than ice cream on hot summer's day.

32. Jamie - Outlander

Jamie sends us to heaven whenever we're treated to his impeccable body. But we really need to go to hell for all the improper thoughts we have about this lovely man.

33. Seven of Nine - Star Trek: Voyager

Seven of Nine leaves us speechless for so many reasons. And we're sure she left her shipmates speechless too. Hot is an understatement.

34. Landry - Knightfall

Landy isn't afraid to show us what's hiding under his robe. And we're not afraid to gawk at his fine physique.

35. Severide - Chicago Fire

Severide's smokin' hot bod fires us up in ways we can't describe. We're not staring. You're staring.

36. Jasper - The Royals

Jasper needs to guard his own body because it's dangerously hot. There's nothing more to say.

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