Fox Cheat Sheet: The Orville is on the Bubble

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There are a lot of changes coming to Fox in the coming months. 

With an increased reliance on sports programming, it makes it difficult to assess which shows will be coming back during the 2019-2020 TV season. 

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But there are two shows pulling in ratings low enough to rule them dead shows airing, and we've rounded up how we think Fox's renewals and cancellations will play out based on a variety of factors. 

Have a look below. 

1. Lethal Weapon - Certain Cancellation

Lethal Weapon - Certain Cancellation
This Fox drama cannot catch a break. Just months after ousting Clayne Crawford, Damon Wayans announced his intention to quit the series following the 13-episode third season.

However, he later came to an agreement with Fox to continue with the series for an additional two episodes.

The ratings are down 25 percent in the demo year-to-year to a mere 0.7 rating.

It does still pack a punch in delayed viewing, but the show is not owned by Fox and is performing well below the network's average. Add in the fact that there's a constant stream of negative press surrounding it, it's likely done. Look at these final two episodes as a quick wrap up.

2. The Gifted - Certain Cancellation

The Gifted - Certain Cancellation
The Gifted is averaging a mere 0.6 rating. It still gets a boost on the DVR front and is owned by Fox.

But these ratings are pitiful, and it's likely toast.

3. Rel - Certain Cancellation

Rel - Certain Cancellation
This new Fox comedy is not resonating with viewers. It started at a 1.9 rating in the demo thanks to a football lead-in but has slipped as low as a 0.5 rating.

It will likely be ousted from the schedule in the coming weeks.

4. The Passage - Likely Renewal

The Passage - Likely Renewal
The Passage is averaging a 1.0 rating in the demo. It's no 9-1-1, but it's holding up well out of The Resident. It secures strong gains Live + 7 metrics, so that's a major positive. Barring a freefall in the ratings, it should be back.

5. Family Guy - Certain Renewal

Family Guy - Certain Renewal
Family Guy is still posting solid ratings, with the current season averaging a 1.2 rating in the demo.

6. Bob's Burgers - Certain Renewal

Bob's Burgers - Certain Renewal
With a 1.3 rating on Sunday nights, this show is not showing its age quite yet.

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