Hawaii Five-0 Photos from "Pe'epe'e Kānaka"

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Enjoy these photos from Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 20. Get an idea now of what's on tap.

1. Eyeing the Screen

Eyeing the Screen
McGarrett, Chin and Danny eye the big screen in "Pe'epe'e Kānaka."

2. Pointing Fingers

Pointing Fingers
Any interaction between Danny and McGarrett is worth watching, right? This is a photo from "Pe'epe'e Kānaka."

3. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors
It looks like McGarrett and Danny are getting ready to play a game in "Pe'epe'e Kānaka." Oh, just roll with it!

4. Kono Smiles

Kono Smiles
Kono smiles as anyone would living and working in Hawaii in "Pe'epe'e Kānaka."

5. McGarrett Listens to Kono

McGarrett Listens to Kono
McGarrett is listening intently to Kono in "Pe'epe'e Kānaka."

6. On the Scene in Hawaii

On the Scene in Hawaii
McGarrett, Kono and Max on the scene and working hard in "Pe'epe'e Kānaka."

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Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Eric: I'll wait out here.
Danny Williams: It's college, it's not a virus--you can't catch it.

Grover: You do speak Spanish, right?
Danny: Spanish? I barely speak English.