Killjoys Season 1: Killer Twists, Best Villain, Worst Hook Up and More!

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I've got to say, Killjoys Season 1 turned out to be a truly pleasant surprise.

While the premise "space bounty hunters" was an easy sell, I honestly did not expect this series to become one of my favorites of the year. Everything from the worldbuilding, to the cast and supporting players, to the music and VFX blew my mind.

I watch tons of television, and it's rare for me to connect with a new show on this level. Michelle Lovretta (Lost Girl) and her team crafted a world reminiscent of some of our favorite 80's space adventures like Star Wars or Aliens.

Let's revisit a few of the season's highlights and share your faves with me below!

1. Best Episode

Best Episode
Though the season finale is right up there and since I've got to pick just one, let's go with Killjoys Season 1 Episode 7 "Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye." The series had been building toward the mysterious Dr. Jaeger reveal and it did not dissapoint. This installment was not just the one where Dutch and D'avin hooked up, but it sent the team on an emotional roller coaster when big bro nearly killed Johnny. The performances were top notch, the big Dutch/D'av fight scene brutal, and the fallout changed the Killjoys dynamic. Plus, we met Carleen and spent time in Utopia, Delle Seyah returned and Dr. Jaeger turned out to be a piece of work.

2. Least Favorite (Not Worst) Episode

Least Favorite (Not Worst) Episode
I'm not sure if the villain, R'yo, is to blame or the fact Killjoys Season 1 Episode 2 "The Sugar Point Run" was your typical rescue mission, but looking back this wasn't my favorite Killjoys adventure. That's not to say it was a terrible episode. There were fun moments, such as Johnny outsmarting the scavengers, Dutch and D'av bonding, and especially when she cut Simon open to pull out the "Smuggler's Nut." In the finale, as the Company begins bombing Old Town, Dutch mentions Sugar Point making this installment incredibly relevant to the bigger picture.

3. Phenomenal Worldbuilding

Phenomenal Worldbuilding
From the moment we were introduced to The Quad in Killjoys Season 1 Episode 1 "Bangarang" , it was clear the worldbuilding on this series was going to be a major highlight. Qresh, Arkyn, Joy, Jakk, Hok, names like D'avin and Khlyen instantly ground the universe making it feel lived in and authentic. The politics, religion, fashion, organizations like the Company or the RAC make Killjoys more than just some space shoot 'em up. Not that it's not fun, if there's anything you can say about this show is it's a total blast. However, the worldbuilding adds a level of depth you don't find on most genre TV series.

4. Best Character

Best Character
Was there any doubt Dutch would take this one? She's Princess Leia, Ripley, Buffy, Agent Carter, basically everything a strong female protagonist should be. Why can't a woman be a badass assassin, yet vulnerable at the same time? To her credit, Hannah John-Kamen managed to make Dutch tough and likable. It's a fine line to walk, and it takes a very talented actor to make you fall in love with someone as damaged as Dutch. Her relationship with Johnny is unique in that it's purely platonic. They're like brother and sister with no sexual tension screwing things up. Dutch is complicated, hopefully we'll get a chance to learn even more about her next season.

5. Favorite Dutch and Johnny Moment

Favorite Dutch and Johnny Moment
There were so many great moments between these two characters. That said, the closing moment of Killjoys Season 1 Episode 3 "The Harvest" remains one of my favorites. John had been questioning his place on the team with his badass big brother back in the picture. Dutch's line, "If you're worried about being replaced, don't be. You're irreplaceable to me" gets me every time. It's not just the way Hannah John-Kamen delivered the line, but Aaron Ashmore's reaction to her words as well. It was a wonderful moment between the two, and helped the audience understand just how much they mean to one another.

6. Coolest Ongoing Mystery

Coolest Ongoing Mystery
From the moment Level 6 was mentioned on Killjoys Season 1 Episode 6 "One Blood" , I knew it was totally a thing. Don't believe me, just go back and check out my reviews. Did I ever imagine Khlyen was one of them? Not at all. Which made that particular reveal so damn cool. Bellus mentioned Killjoys going missing (like Fancy Lee), gene splicing, reanimation and we watched D'avin go through that nanite torture ordeal. How does all this tie together? Well, I'm sure even more will be revealed in Season 2.

7. Most Controversial Hook Up/Fight Scene

Most Controversial Hook Up/Fight Scene
It's not every day two of your lead characters get busy and immediately afterwards one tries to kill the other. Dutch and D'avin hooking up was controversial because fans were worried the writers were headed into "love triangle" territory. Plus, Johnny had come right out and asked his brother not to plow Dutch. When Dr. Jaeger triggered D'av, that threw any kind of triangle out the window. Sure things were awkward for a bit and D'avin left the team, but there was no soap opera aftermath to deal with. The two got it out of their system and moved on. I thought the whole situation was handled really well and the temporary pairing didn't bother me in the least.

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Killjoys Quotes

Dutch: Got any low level warrants I can knock out fast? Level 2s or 3s?
Bellus: Sure repos, transpos but shouldn't you concentrate on finishing your active warrant?
Dutch: What active warrant?
Bellus: The Level 5 warrant you signed on for twelve hours ago; one Kobee Andras.
Dutch: Bellus, Level 5s are kill work. I don't do those.

Dutch: Six years of working together, he's never wanted some 'me' time... Nah something's up.
Pree: Dutch, you work together, live together, do everything but sleep together and you're worried that he wants a little time apart. Bitch, how charming do you think you are?
Dutch: I know when Johnny's lying, Pree.