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On Empire Season 3 Episode 10, our favorite feuding family returned from winter break with a bang. Actually, quite a few bangs.

At first, it looked like we were doomed to more of the same old, same old when it comes to Cookie, Lucious and company. 

But, then Lucious did the double whammy when he allied himself with Angelo's mayoral rival and appointed Anika as head of A&R at Empire, and Cookie retaliated by smashing up every symbol of his success she could find.

Naturally, her rage turned into passion, and the two exes nearly ended up back in the sack again until Cookie put a stop to it all.

What will be the fallout of Cookie's actions? Will she confess her momentary indiscretion to Angelo? Will Lucious spill the beans, or will he keep quiet and hold it all over Cookie's head as leverage?

Meanwhile, Jamal has gotten out of rehab and back into the studio with new collaborator Tory Ash. But it remains to be seen whether Jamal is ready to get back in the spotlight, and whether Tory is prepared to join him. 

For a glimpse of what's to come, check out these photos from Empire Season 3 Episode 11, airing Wednesday, March 29 at 9/8c on Fox. 

And remember, you can always get caught up by watching Empire online via TV Fanatic. 

1. Tory takes the stage - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

I really enjoyed Rumer Willis's debut as Jamal's snarky rehab buddy-turned-musical collaborator, Tory Ash. It looks like she's set to play a pretty big role in Jamal's musical rebirth post-rehab. I'm excited to hear how her smoky, bluesy voice and vibe influence his sound.

2. Cookie and Angelo, together again - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

Aw, aren't they sweet together? They look so peaceful and contented, I hate to think of what would happen if Angelo found out about Cookie's abbreviated dalliance with Lucious.

3. Takeem keep plotting - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

Hakeem and Tiana successfully stole some spotlight from Nessa thanks to their surprise appearance at her music showcase performance, but you know they won't be satisfied with that alone. Things can only get more heated from here, especially after Nessa and Tiana's big fight.

4. Becky is gonna bring it - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

Becky might have vanquished one enemy in the form of Xavier, but now it's Anika who stands in the way of her and the head of A&R job at Empire. Will she take a page out of Thirsty's book and try to sabotage her new boss?

5. Like grandmother, like grandson? - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

Okay, look...I have no predictions or insights to offer based on this image. This is just two random members of the Lyon family together in the same photo. I don't know what they're up to, but since it's the Lyons, I'm sure it's not good.

6. Time to get back to work - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

Lucious seems to have recovered just fine from Cookie's passionate bout of bat-wielding. Will he set out to destroy her for what she did, or will he try to win her back instead? Knowing Lucious, he'll somehow try to do both.

7. Lyon turned leopard - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

This is SUCH a quintessentially Cookie Lyon outfit. Only Cookie would be bold enough to wear not one, but two different leopard-print items of clothing, and pair them with a sporty gold hat that is so shiny you could probably reapply your lipstick by using it as a mirror. I ache with envy of her fabulousness.

8. Three Lyons and a songbird walk into a studio... - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

After their bizarre encounter at the end of the premiere, I'm surprised that Cookie can handle being in the same room as Lucious right now. Hopefully they can put their drama aside, at least temporarily, for the sake of Jamal and his new music.

9. I wouldn't want any of that side-eye - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

Look at the side-eye Cookie is shooting in Tory's direction. That is all suspicion, with a side of shade. I'm sure it has something to do with Lucious being in the studio, considering that Tory had already professed her admiration for him. Does she think Tory is using Jamal to get to his father?

10. Tory takes it all in - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

I hope Tory's re-introduction to the music business isn't going to be too much for her to handle. I don't trust the Lyons to have her best interests at heart. Hopefully another breakdown is not in store for her.

11. Someone's looking devious... - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

All I'm going to say is that any time Lucious looks this happy, you know trouble is afoot for someone.

12. Another fashion win for Cookie - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

Okay, this outfit may be even more fierce than the leopard-print ensemble. It's just so sleek, especially when paired with super-straight hair and impossibly arched brows. Cookie does it again!

13. Nessa and Veronica: a new musical power duo? - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

Nessa and Veronica have similar old-school, soul-influenced styles of singing, so I imagine any duet involving the two of them would be pretty epic. And you know Nessa wouldn't mind having an ally like Veronica in her war against Tiana.

14. Three is definitely not company for Cookie, Lucious and Angelo - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

Angelo looks a bit taken aback by Lucious here. I hope he hasn't just learned about Cookie's moment of passion with her ex. She may have pulled the plug before things went too far, but one thing's for sure: there is still a lot of electricity between Cookie and Lucious.

15. What's happening with Tory? - Empire Season 3 Episode 11

Lucious doesn't look too happy as he gesticulates to Jamal, and Tory doesn't look like she's feeling so hot either. Is she having a hard time adjusting to being back on stage again after so long out of the spotlight? I wouldn't blame her if she was.

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Empire Season 3 Episode 11: "Play On"
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Your future will not be ruined again by the likes of that damn Lucifer Lyon.

Candace [to Cookie]

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