Shadowhunters: 9 Reasons It Deserves a Renewal

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With 2018 coming to a close, the premiere of Shadowhunters Season 3B is quickly approaching.

Despite millions of fans' efforts to #SaveShadowhuners, Freeform has only added two extra episodes to serve as a wrap-up for the entire series. 

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It goes without saying that that's nowhere near enough time to close out the show. Fans of Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments book series, in particular, know that there's much more story to still be explored. 

No matter what the future of Shadowhunters may be, we will never give up hope that the show will continue on in some way. It is important for a number of different reasons and serves as a safe haven for fans all across the world.

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In hindsight, both Shadowhunters and its fans deserve better than the hand they were dealt. Watch Shadowhunters online to revisit some of its finer moments. 

Although there are probably hundreds, we've listed just nine reasons below why Shadowhunters still deserves a renewal. 

1. Diverse cast

Diverse cast
One of the best thing about the series is that the majority of their main cast are POC. The diversity the show displays is far too rare and it deserves attention and praise instead of a cancellation.

2. Positive representation

Positive representation
When it comes to representation, Shadowhunters truly has it all. The show's inclusion of gay, bisexual, lesbian, and asexual characters has impacted the lives of fans all over the world by emphasising that there is nothing wrong with being yourself. Television networks need more (not less) series like it.

3. Sizzy's development

Sizzy's development
Slow and steady wins the race. Simon and Izzy's transition from strangers to friends to something deeper has been a long and agonizing wait. They deserve to continue developing their relationship in a healthy way without rushing their progression with a time limit.

4. Tackles real-life issues

Tackles real-life issues
From black lives matter to addictions, the show doesn't put itself in a bubble. Instead of ignoring important issues, it sheds light on them in a unique way.

5. Supportive relationships

Supportive relationships
Whether it's romantic or platonic, all the relationships in Shadowhunters are filled with love and support. The cast portrays some of the deepest and most beautiful relationships on television and we should all strive to form the kind of bonds that they do.

6. Strong female characters

Strong female characters
It's impossible to pick your favorite female character on Shadowhunters because they're all incredible. Whether they're fighting people or demons, they are just as skilled as men are in combat. Plus, their storylines are always well developed and wonderfully executed.

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