Supernatural photos from "Sharp Teeth"

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Will Garth's return lead to a dangerous situation for Sam? Can Dean get to him in time?

Check out these preview photos from Supernatural Season 9 Episode 12, "Sharp Teeth" airing Tuesday, January 28th on the CW.

1. A Rough Return

A Rough Return
Garth looks like he's had a rough time of it. Tune in to Supernatural's "Sharp Teeth" to hear his story.

2. Will Dean Find Sam in Time?

Will Dean Find Sam in Time?
Will Dean figure out what's happening and find his brother in time to save him on Supernatural?

3. Garth Returns

Garth Returns
Garth has a lot to explain about his disappearance when he finally returns to Supernatural.

4. Showing Her Fangs

Showing Her Fangs
Sister Joyce shows her fangs. Dean better get there quick to help his brother in "Sharp Teeth" the 12th episode of Supernatural's ninth season.

5. Sam's Looking Desperate

Sam's Looking Desperate
Sam's looking pretty desperate has he sits on the barn floor with his hands tied on this episode of Supernatural.

6. Dean To the Rescue

Dean To the Rescue
Hopefully this is Dean on his way to rescue Sam in "Sharp Teeth" the next episode of Supernatural.

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