The Good Wife Photos: "All Tapped Out"

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Michael J. Fox is back as Louis Canning. 

Check out these photos from The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 18, "All Tapped Out."

1. Working With Canning

Working With Canning
How will the partners at Lockhart Gardner get along with Louis Canning now that he's joined their team? We expect a bumpy road ahead on The Good Wife.

2. Louis Canning

Louis Canning
Michael J Fox returns as Louis Canning when the difficult attorney joins ranks with Lockhart Gardner.

3. Someone New

Someone New
A new attorney comes on board Lockhart Gardner. How will Kalinda and Diana deal with the change?

4. Defending Finn

Defending Finn
Alicia defends Finn when the State's Attorney's office tries to prove he's at fault in the Grant debacle.

5. After Being Shot

After Being Shot
Even after being shot, the State's Attorney tries to make Finn the scapegoat in the Jeffrey Grant Case on The Good Wife.

6. Alicia and Finn

Alicia and Finn
Alica helps Finn when he's marked as the scapegoat by the State's Attorney in the Jeffrey Grant case.

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Alicia: Hey. You promise me that you will never put me through the same thing again.
Peter: Alicia, I promise.
Alicia: Then, yes, I would love to renew our vows.
Peter: Let's do it then.

I've defended enough people to know how shallow those words are. I don't care what you believe. I care what you can prove.