Lesli Kay

Lesli Kay Sterling (born Lesli Kay Pushkin on June 13, 1965 in Charleston, W.V.) is an Emmy Award-winning American actress.

At age 12, she had the first individual girl's bat mitzvah in the state of West Virginia. Shortening her name to Lesli Kay, she moved to New York City with her parents at the age of 15 to pursue a modeling career. Kay later worked at MTV and won $22,000 on Wheel of Fortune.

In the mid-1990s she worked in a series of soft-core porn films and TV series (where sex is simulated instead of any actual intercourse).

In 1997 she made her daytime debut as Molly Conlan on As the World Turns.

For some time the character was not very popular due to Molly's villainous behavior, but she eventually won a 2001 Daytime Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in addition to charming viewers during her romance with Jake McKinnon (Tom Eplin).

When Jake was killed off in 2002, Molly again became adrift, and Kay left the show in early 2004 after new story lines never appeared.

Kay popped up a few months later to recast the popular, brassy character of Lois Cerullo on General Hospital.

Kay (and the resurrected character of Lois) exited GH in early 2005 after mutually agreeing to part ways with the show. In 1999, Kay divorced her husband Mark Sterling and became involved with her then-ATWT love interest Keith Coulouris.

Their son Jackson William was born in February 2000, and they married on December 25, 2003. Their second son, Alec Jude, was born in June 2005.

In November 2005, Kay assumed the role of Felicia Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, taking over for Colleen Dion after a year's absence. Bold and the Beautiful writers planned to kill her character off due to cancer.

However, a huge fan outpouring, including petitions and numerous letters, in addition to Ms. Kay's job of making the role her own, Bell decided to keep Kay on the cast.

Her character, Felicia Forrester, was resurrected from the dead. Lesli Kay invested herself into the cancer story line so much that she shaved her head for the role. Kay was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress at the 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Role Show
Felicia Forrester The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful Quotes

Stephanie: You think this is all my fault? You have brought this on yourself.
Brooke: All I ever did, Stephanie, was to love Ridge.
Stephanie: And his father, and his brother, and your son-in-law. Is it any wonder Bridget is confused? I mean, is it any wonder your daughter would confuse natural feelings of respect and affection for romance? You have blurred the lines of socially-acceptable behaviour. And you stand here and you tell me you're proud. What are you proud of? Having your son-in-law's baby? I know what you're proud of. Chasing after a man whose wife's body is barely cold in the ground.

Brooke Logan Forrester is nobody's fool, nobody's.