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Absentia Trailer: Stana Katic Returns!

Absentia Trailer: Stana Katic Returns!

Absentia is Stana Katic's newest show, and we're freaking out about it. Based on the latest trailer, it looks like a hit. Read on to watch the full trailer!
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Stana Katic got her major break on Castle. She plays detective Kate Beckett on that ABC favorite.

The actress hails from Ontario and is fluent in Serbian, Croatian Slovenian, French, English and Italian.

An avid readers, Katic enjoys archeology, archery, astrophysics and flamenco dancing.

Role Show
Kate Beckett Castle
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Castle Quotes

People change when you're not looking.


What I said was not confusing enough for your face to be doing what its doing.

Castle to Beckett