DC's Legends of Tomorrow Clip: We Love the 70s

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Have we mentioned that DC's Legends of Tomorrow will be visiting the 70s for their first trip through time?

Well, the future legends are visiting the 70s!

Of course, all the guys are into Sara, because who on earth wouldn't be?

And, despite flying on a cool space ship sort of thing, they're still on earth. 

I'm still sensing a pattern with these clips, and that is: Sara Lance aka White Canary kicks ass!

She handily takes on a big buffoon when he hits on her and doesn't take no for an answer, but she also isn't afraid to call on friends when needed.

Legends of Tomorrow is going to be lighter and more fun than its sister series, and the thing I'm looking forward to is the impending friendships.

Doesn't it seem like Sara will take on a little sister vibe with Captain Cold and Heat Wave?

Which is really kind of funny, because can you think of any female who really has less need for two beefy big brothers than Sara Lance?

After all the clips and previews you've seen so far, is there any one thing you're really excited about?

Doesn't it give the feel of one big crossover event full of fun and games?

Be here for a full review of DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 1 on Thursday, January 21!

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Quotes

Gary: She's gonna kill me.
Jax: Chick from your distress call?
Gary: No, Agent Sharpe. She hates you guys.
Sara: Well, feeling's mutual.

Ava: I think I’ll have more of your amazing French toast.
Sara: Must have worked up an appetite last night.