Girls Season 5 Trailer: A Wedding and Other Insanity

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The official trailer for Girls Season 5 is pretty much everything we want it to be.

It's borderline insane, just like the makeup Marnie is sporting for her wedding to Desi.


Oh come on! Nothing about this is going to spell happy ending, especially when it starts with Marnie choosing the wrong guy. Amiright???

Add to that her peasant/baby doll dress and Egyptian style makeup (I don't call it) which can be toned down if she starts, you know, around the face (oh Hannah, we love you). 

Is Hannah wearing what is supposed to be a bridesmaids dress? Isn't the bride supposed to be the most beautiful girl in the room? Half naked gals standing by your side is going to overshadow you, Marnie, no matter who they are.

We have wondered if Season 5 would start with Sosh in Japan, and first we see her skyping and walking around the streets of her new country and then, when she's back with her gal pals, she has a wicked new Asian-style hairdo.

Hannah has kept her man and seems so much like a grown woman now it kind of brings a tear to our eyes.

But that doesn't mean she's still not above suffering gay emergencies with her gay dad.

Will Marnie realize Ray's the guy for her before it's too late? Will Sosh move back to the US? Will Hannah stay happy in love?

Find out everything when Girls premieres Sunday, February 21 only on HBO!

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