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The CW has put together their OWN series of interviews with the cast of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. You know why? It's their show!

We'll get hints that Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer will continue his love for high fiving and all-star team ups as the unofficial leader of the group with his business acumen and past experience assembling, well, teams of all star. He's done it before, after all!

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold and Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave will carry forth their brotherly bond forged in Prison Break and that special "spark" they cannot deny (ahhh, Heat Wave, you so funny!) and they even use an extra clip from the groovy CW Superhero Fight Club cage match to show how well they work together.

Victor Garber assures the interviewer that Ronnie Raymond will be around for the action (he's married to Caitlin on The Flash!) and Sara Lance will share something completely different as her recent experiences dictate, as Rip will show everyone the future and the past. As for Hawkgirl and Jay Jackson, they we will get a look at their origin stories and get to know them for the first time. 

Sound good? Well, watch the video a few times to soak it all in!

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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