James Wolk Previews Zoo Season 2: More Action, Bigger SFX, More Romance!!

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When we met with James Wolk, it was right after the tragic real zoo incident that happened resulting in the death of a gorilla. Of course Wolk was asked his opinion about the use of animals in film, and he answered it deftly.

It did make me feel kind of silly asking the more pertinent question about Zoo Season 2.

How DID the gang get out of that...um...situation they had going on during the Zoo Season 1 finale in which they found themselved face-to-face (in a car, OK) with a herd of animals?

Did they make it out? Was Wolk going to make me wait for the Zoo Season 2 premiere?

They start to charge the car!!

Wolk gave it to me straight, "It picks up right there, they start to charge the car and it just goes full throttle for the full 13 episodes of Season 2. It's really a big adrenaline rush, exciting season. Yeah."

The stories are larger, the action amped up.

While Zoo Season 1 was shot in New Orleans, Season 2 is being shot in Vancouver, Canada. It will be interesting to see how that changes the plot going forward.

Wolk did say the mutation is changing and they're chasing it. Jackson is dealing with some unexpected things happening to him (what, really, could be expected?!).

"There's love, there's romance. There's fighting between people who were best friends in Season 1. Jackson and Abe have some turmoil that starts to begin between them," Wolk shares, "so I think it's going to be an exciting season."

Big corporations and government will continue to be a part of the plot and a fellow named Sergeant Davies will become the manifestation of the bad guy. He's a military guy who is trying to figure out the Noah Objective.

He's leading the charge, so to speak.

When Wolk read the teaser for the Zoo Season 2 Episode 1, he thought, "Wait, that's just the teaser? How is that not a season? We're definitely gonna run out of story!"

But they haven't and each episode is more jam packed than the next.

What about Zoo resonates with the viewers? Wolk thinks that not only do the characters resonate with those that watch, but there's nothing else like it on TV.

I have to agree with him, and I'm really excited for another summer watching Zoo.

How about you?

I haven't even covered half of the awesome interview Mr. Wolk gave for us at CBS Press Day, so find out what else he has to say about animal rights, what's ahead on the show and the chemistry of the cast and how Bob Benson from Mad Men would deal with the animal apocalypse when you watch the video below.

Please join us watching tonight and be here for a full review (and all season). It's great summer fun. Share it with us!

Zoo airs on CBS at 9/8c beginning June 28.

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