Sheldon's Video Application to Mars

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Sheldon tells Amy he has applied to join a colony on Mars. When she asks why he would want to do it, he shows her his application video, which is completely hilarious.

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The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 17: "The Colonization Application"
Sheldon Cooper, Amy Farrah Fowler
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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Penny: See, this is why I've been saying we should keep champagne on ice.
Sheldon: Sarcasm?
Amy: Yes.
Sheldon: That was tricky because when it comes to alcohol she generally means business.

Amy: After a careful evaluation of our relationship. We decided that the time was right to take a step forward.
Leonard: Okay.
Sheldon: Do you want to say it?
Amy: Let's say it together!
Sheldon and Amy: We're getting a turtle!