Somewhere Between Sneak Peek: Fate Steps In AGAIN!

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Fate is a BITCH!

But Nico almost gets himself into a little bit more trouble than he bargains when he shouts his thoughts on the issue openly.

See, he's standing right there with a woman who just placed a boot on his car and is actively writing a ticket.

Can you guess from the look on his face how the conversation goes?


Honestly, what I love about this very tiny sneak peek into what to expect from Somewhere Between Season 1 Episode 8 is that it shows the very adult Devon Sawa acting much like he did in the movie Final Destination.

He hasn't lost his sense of humor when it comes to his roles, has he?

Alright. I've seen the movie too many times. Sue me!

Much like the movie, though, something stepped into lives of Laura and Nico, and it's up to them to figure out IF they can change fate and how to do it. To find your past catching up with you by way of a parking ticket would certainly feel like fate slapping you in the face when you've come this far.

There's good news, you guys. Our coverage of Somewhere Between doesn't stop here today. Later this afternoon, we're going to have a post theorizing who killed Susanna. 

Get your notes ready to compare with our TV Fanatic thoughts, and don't forget to tune in tonight at 10 on ABC for the latest.

Get your sneak peek right now:

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