Westworld Season 2 Trailer: The Robot Uprising Continues

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If you were watching an HBO or Cinemax channel last night, you might have noticed an exciting announcement from HBO:

The official trailer for Westworld Season 2 was about to be released to the masses. And while I was a little bit miffed when Barry was interrupted for the announcement, I was immediately happy. 

Westworld Season 1 aired back in 2016, and like many other fans, I have been counting down the days to get more episodes of this gem of a series. 

Bernard from Season 2 - Westworld

Thankfully, HBO held their promise and released the trailer early on Thursday, and it is filled with a whole lot of dramatic moments. 

Dolores is ready to continue to be part of the robot uprising, and that will put her and the others in some unusual situations during Westworld Season 2. 

If the trailer is anything to go by, the world will be expanding in a big way, and that means some new characters will appear to be part of all the insanity. 

Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” serves as music in the background throughout the lengthy trailer, and it's a version of the hit track you will likely have never heard before. 

Have a look at all of the wild moments in the trailer below, and hit the comments with your take on it all. 

Westworld returns Sunday, April 22 only on HBO!

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